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GM Applications (February 2018)

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Applications can be posted as replies to this topic. If you would like to apply anonymously, please feel free to send your application to me directly in a forum PM.



  • 10 hours/week activity
  • Fluency in English
  • General knowledge of Ragnarok Online
  • Calm and friendly personality


Other Assets

  • Experience hosting events


Required Info

  • In-game name(s)
  • Age
  • Location
  • Time zone
  • Fluent languages
  • Typical online times (based on server time)
  • Preferred role (support or event)
  • Previous GM experience
  • Reason for applying


Please feel free to include any additional info about yourself - the more we know the easier it to make our choice! You can include anything you want beyond the required info; this is simply the minimum that we need for a valid application.


Also note that candidates for interviews will be based on the current needs of the team, which will vary each time we take in applications. If you don't get picked this time around, you're always more than welcome to post a new application the next time we're hiring!

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Age: ---
Location: Philippines
Time Zone: GMT +8
Languages: English
Online Times: 8:00 - 16:00  / 18:00 - 00:00 Server Time

Preferred Role: Whatever is needed

Previous GM experience: None

Reason for Applying: I'm keen on trying to create unique events that people are not familiar with. I can also support other people, especially newbies when needed. I may not have any GM experience RO-wise, but I've been in an industry that's aimed to interact and assist other people, which is something that I can bring to the table.

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  • In-game name(s) : Honey-senpai, Yakult, Enoyan, Cerno
  • Age : 26+
  • Location : Singapore
  • Time zone : GMT+8
  • Fluent languages : English
  • Typical online times (based on server time) : 18:00 - 07:00
  • Preferred role (support or event) : No preference but interested in making custom sprites
  • Previous GM experience : Was a subGM (kuriRO), event (kuriRO) and headGM (ranmaRO/reverieRO) on various servers many years back.
  • Reason for applying : Just want to make sure we can have more events actively, make all players feel like they belong in this server and to encourage more experienced players to help out the new players in friendly manner so that we can have a friendly environment at all time.
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  • In-game name(s) - Shio/Luda/Sabina Iris
  • Age - 26
  • Location - Philippines
  • Time zone - GMT + 8
  • Fluent languages - Filipino, English
  • Typical online times (based on server time) - 18:00 - 23:00
  • Preferred role (support or event) - No preference
  • Previous GM experience - None (Though I did events from past servers w/o being a GM; a product of boredom)
  • Reason for applying - So I could be of help to the team in making the server fun and interactive, as well as stuffs for the community to grow.

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In-game names: Symphonia, Squishy
Age: Too old to play in the ball pits at Mcdos :c
Location: The state everyone mistakes for Transylvania
Time zone: Time is irrelevant
Fluent languages: English, drunken slurs
Typical online times: Sometime between 00:00~23:59
Preferred role: I prefer to RP as an okapi. (I am NOT a furry, pls don't actually message me)
Previous gym experience: I gym many times, but sometimes my gym membership runs out. What do?
Reason for applying: I missed putting in derpy apps for you to read :3

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  • In-game names: Kirito / Asuna / Sinon / Hestia
  • Age: 24
  • Location: Northridge, CA United States
  • Timezone: UTC-08:00
  • Fluent Languages: English & Tagalog
  • Typical Online Times: 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm (Server-Time)
  • Preferred Role: Support, Event, Police, or Social Media Ex: Instagram & Facebook (GM-Positions)
  • Previous GM Experience: (Event-GM) Position at Oblivion Ro, Xile Ro, and Forsaken Ro 
  • Reason for Applying: Recently left my part-time job at Best-Buy to focus more at school but now I have a lot of extra time to spare, and so I want to dedicate some of my precious time towards the server. Helping the new players to come with questions they would ask and other help that all Anomaly Ro players need. 
  • Inserted 2018 Updated Resume for this job application =)

Alhann Resume Revised.txt

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  • In-game name(s): constantina (pinoys acknowledge that i am a certified chiksilog)
  • Age: 1388 days 16 hours 13 minutes 48 seconds
  • Location: -0.680482, 34.777061, 0º 40' 49.7353" S, 46' 37.4196" E
  • Time zone: present
  • Fluent languages: sign language, got a 4 on my AP sign language test
  • Typical online times (based on server time): 13:53:23 - 13:53:40 tuesdays
  • Preferred role (support or event): police so i can make jail pvp great again
  • Previous GM experience: yea i used @item2 and rekt n00bs in the pvps
  • Reason for applying: you miss all the shots you dont take & 4thespicymemes, hope to see more resumes
  • Experience hosting events: i throw occasional banging ragers
  • 10 hours/week activity: doctors said 30mins/day was enough
  • Fluency in English: i read reddit everyday
  • General knowledge of Ragnarok Online:
    • how to win woe
      • step1. make gunslinger
      • step2. 3 beelzebub 1 dark illusion cuz we poor
      • step3. ahk + tracking
      • step4. ????
      • step5. profit!!!!
  • Calm and friendly personality: i used to have friends. no proof available

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Applications are now closed! Many of you have already seen Esper in-game, but we've also just hired our newest GM, Bacchus, today! Please be sure to welcome them to the team if you see them around.


Thank you to everyone that applied! We'll post a new topic whenever we're looking to hire new GMs again. <3

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