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Perry the Platypus

Server Updates (Jan 30, 2018)

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Hai everyone! Today we've got some new equips being added, as well as a bunch of quality of life improvements and a couple balancing changes.


Please note that with the new RODEX changes, you'll probably want to periodically delete older messages to avoid filling up your mailbox. Currently the client will only display up to 30 messages in your mailbox.


Server Updates


Update: Added first batch of Battlegrounds armors
Update: Added quest for Sorcerer's Ring (huge thanks to SnowBunny for writing the backstory for this!)
-Sorcerer's Ring effect is -10% SP consumption, -5% after-cast delay, and +2 MDef
-The quest can be started in moc_fild19
Update: Removed Gopinich from Enchanted Bloody Branch spawn list
Update: Adjusted Enchanted Bloody Branch spawn rates
Update: Adjusted MVP Invasion spawn rates
Misc: Items in the favorites tab can no longer be sold to NPCs
Misc: Items in the favorites tab will no longer be stored when using @storeinv and @storealootid (@storeall will continue to store everything, include favorite items)
Misc: Caspen will now be affected by day/night cycles
Misc: Battlegrounds deserter punishments will now increase if you quit multiple times in a week/month
Misc: Battlegrounds deserter punishments will now result in a mute if you quit too many times in a month
Misc: RODEX messages will no longer be returned to the sender if they've been read
Misc: Unread RODEX messages will be returned to the sender after 7 days instead of 15
Bugfix: Fixed RODEX messages not sending if the message was longer than 255 characters




Nerf: Wedding/family skills have been disabled in PvP-enabled maps
Buff: Aspersio can now target enemies with a 1 second cooldown
Nerf: Aspersio is now blocked by Golden Thief Bug Card

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