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Punishment Process

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There is something that I wanted to clarify due to the sudden 60 minutes mute that I received from a certain GM staff. There are no issues regarding my mute at all but the process done made me a bit skeptical and clueless if the evidence was legit or not. I had no way of knowing if what I did was true at all so I lost my right to defend myself. Just because I am aware of the rules already and that I have been doing it since Inertia isn't exactly enough of a reason to refuse to show the evidence that is issued against me. I know all rules have to be followed and punishments have to be given where it is due but I'm really confused on how this would all work out.

When is it okay to instantly mute someone and when is it okay to give due process on an offense? Cause simply saying that you have evidence against a certain person isn't exactly how punishments work, especially in the real world. Do accused players have the right to defend themselves and view the evidence issued against us? I know the GM team is doing its best to deal with offenses and the punishments best suited with it but we never know which evidence is real and which evidence is not.

I do think all accused players deserve to speak out for themselves before further action is given. 
Regardless of how many Inertia players are here and how many new players are her, everyone should be treated equally and everyone should be given due process where it is needed. After all this is a NEW SERVER ?  

P.S. : Fyi we don't take the gm team's words as jokes if ever you thought we were. Peace out c: 
[ I don't know which section is suitable for this post so thanks in advanced yanaz ]




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Generally speaking any punishment appeals should be handled via forum PM to an admin, as some details can't always be discussed publicly. With that in mind, I won't speak on your specific case here (though I believe you've been PMed in-game since this post with an apology for the mistake, and we've also dealt with it internally to prevent it from happening again), but if you do have any questions regarding what happened please feel free to PM me.


I will address the questions you've asked, though, since those can be discussed publicly.


Instant mutes are typically only handed out to players who have a known history (in this server, not the previous one), which, in most cases, is checked via the player's punishment/warning logs. The exceptions to this would be cases of cheating (3PP, PvP boosting, etc) and cases of an extreme nature (racism etc), which depending on severity can often end up in an instant ban. Outside of those cases, warnings are given out prior to punishment in the vast majority of cases.


Evidence is sometimes provided to us anonymously. In those cases, we can describe what was sent to us, but we can't give details that may give away the identity of the player who sent it. Given the toxic nature of much of the RO community, I'm assuming the reason for respecting their anonymity is probably self explanatory. If you ever doubt the validity of the evidence, you can ask for the case to be escalated to an administrator so it can be double checked. To clarify, though, there are guidelines in how evidence is handled prior to acting on it - we don't just accept half-cropped screenshots and say "yep that's enough," they have to follow certain standards to be accepted as evidence.


Aside from that, everyone has been treated equally since the start of this server, just as they were on Inertia. We don't target specific players with punishments, and all cases are handled according to the guidelines. Anything you hear that would suggest otherwise likely comes from someone who has no idea what goes on within the staff team (ex: the classic "they target our guild but not the other guilds" on Inertia when other guilds had just as many warnings/punishments logged). Punishments do vary depending on context, though - a player who responds with "I don't care about the rules" is probably going to be seen as a higher profile case than someone who apologizes for breaking the rules, and there's going to be variations in the severity of similar cases, but we don't explicitly go out of our way to target specific players/guilds.


Obviously mistakes do happen from time to time, in which case I can be PMed personally to look into the case and see if there was an issue. In cases where something was handled incorrectly, we speak to the GM directly to make sure it doesn't happen again, and often send out a notice to the whole team as well to remind them of any specific guidelines that apply. We do take these types of cases pretty seriously, and do our best to ensure that they don't repeat themselves.


Hopefully that answers all of your questions - if you do want anything else clarified here just let me know, but if it relates to your specific case just send it in a forum PM so I can go over any details regarding what happened.

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