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Wild GM Crystal Event

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1914.gif  WILD GM CRYSTAL EVENT 1914.gif

With permission from Yana :) 




I'm bringing back Yana's Wild GM Crystal Event from Inertia RO. The same rules and guidelines follow.


  • There will be 8 random GM Named Crystals hidden around AnomalyRO
  • The crystals will be located on city maps, dungeons, or fields
  • Hints (such as short descriptions of the map) will be given for each crystal to guide the players
  • Prizes will be mailed within 1-2 days
  • Topic will be closed once all crystals have been found for the week. It will reopen when a new batch spawns
  • 8 new crystals will be spawned every week
  • If there are crystals that haven't been found within a week's time, the deadline will be extended until all crystals have been found. The next round will begin the following week
  • In the event of a server update or restart, the crystals will be unavailable until we summon them again. A notice will be posted when the crystals have been respawned


Event Guidelines


  • Find one of the crystals (Limit of 2 crystals per person/IP. To be reset every week)
  • Take a screenshot with it (Mouse should be over the crystal so we can see the name)
  • Kill the crystal that you find (or no prize will be given)
  • Immediately post the screenshot after killing the crystal
  • Post the screenshot on the forums in the following format:









Posting Rules


  • Screenshots must have been taken in AnomalyRO
  • Screenshot size must be at least 640x480 pixels
  • Maximum of 2 entries per person/IP
  • Not following any of the rules will lead to automatic disqualification




  • 10 Poring Coins for every correct answer







1914.gif THIS WEEK'S CRYSTAL LIST 1914.gif





  1. Perry the Platypus Crystal :: Hint :: Beginning :: Location :: new_2-3 123 23 :: WINNER :: Adzuki Beans
  2. Vanilla Crystal :: Hint :: To take something without asking for permission :: Hint 2 :: To help yourself :: Location :: gl_sew01 20 15 :: WINNER :: Shio
  3. Scrub Crystal :: Hint :: Four Lines, One Broken  :: Location :: job_sword1 220 117 :: WINNER :: Force Lux
  4. Vulpecula Crystal :: Hint :: Where two elements meet :: Location :: ein_fild10 37 338 :: WINNER :: Lotus Fantasy
  5. Arisu Crystal :: Hint :: Stray Water; Secret Hideaway :: Hint 2 :: Beyond the wall :: Location :: prt_fild05 37 67 :: WINNER :: Divinity
  6. Oblivion Crystal :: Hint :: Base  :: Location ::mid_camp 274 306 :: WINNER :: Strawberry Milk
  7. Amethyst Crystal :: Hint :: Meet Toby :: Hint 2 :: The first NPC you meet :: Location :: Veins 347 216 :: WINNER :: Shio
  8. Suran Crystal :: Hint :: Stronghold surrounded by dunes :: Location :: cmd_fild09 276 135 :: WINNER :: Force Lux
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Tune in next week for Round 2 of the Wild GM Crystal Event!


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1914.gif  NEW CRYSTALS HAVE SPAWNED! 1914.gif

Refer to the first post for the hints!

Also, take note of our new guideline: Immediately post the screenshot after killing the crystal!

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Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton


IGN: Adzuki Beans

Crystal: Perry the Platypus





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Refer to the first post for the additional hints!

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