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Applying for Staff Positions

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To keep things organized, we don't allow the posting of individual application topics. Whenever we're hiring, we'll post a new topic with details about what we're looking for. At that point you can post an application as a reply to the topic, so long as you meet any listed requirements.


This also means that you'll need to post a new application each time we're hiring - this way we know which applicants are still available. You're more than welcome to copy your old applications, just make sure to update anything that's changed!


As far as format goes, we prefer to let you decide how to style and organize your application, so feel free to personalize it any way you like. We'll mention any required information in each individual topic, so just be sure to read through the post and include any requested information, and feel free to include anything else that you think may be relevant to the position. Please be sure to answer everything accurately and honestly - we value integrity and attitude far more than experience or existing qualifications, and will throw out any applications (and future applications) from those who post misleading information.




We will post any specific requirements in each application topic if applicable, but we do have a standard set of requirements that every GM is expected to meet.


One of these requirements is a minimum of 10 hours of in-game activity on their GM each week. This expectation applies to every GM, however some flexibility is given for those who also provide a lot of help outside of their in-game duties. For example, some of our GMs also help with managing the Facebook page, or put in extra time for forum moderation. In general, though, you should be sure that you can meet this 10 hour/week requirement before applying for a position on the team.


We also require fluency in English, as this is the main language of the server. Your grammar/spelling don't need to be perfect, of course, but you should be able to type well enough to be easily understood by the players, as well as the rest of the staff team.


If you are selected as a GM, you will also need to be actively checking both the Skype group(s) and the forums every day. The team is expected to communicate and work together, as well as keeping up with any updates and/or support requests on the forums and website.



For the sake of transparency, I'm including this here as well so that the benefits of being a staff member are public knowledge. Our GMs put a lot of time into the server, both in dealing with in-game duties, and also helping outside of the game from time to time with planning and content. Because of this, we've decided to pay the GMs with in-game benefits for their efforts.


GMs will receive a small amount of Donation Credits every month. The exact amount they receive will vary based on their performance and activity. On top of this, they will receive one month of VIP on one (not all) of their accounts for each month that they are a GM. To put this in a different perspective, you can simply view this as them donating their time rather than their money. To be absolutely clear, GMs do not receive any competitive advantage over other players.

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