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23 hours ago, Hiroin said:

hey you

i like hot garbages like u


ps pls dont kill my chikens


okok chickens spared


23 hours ago, freddo said:

Hey you


Hello you


23 hours ago, Hylian Spectre said:

Image result for tagalog prayer




22 hours ago, Pyxis said:

Hey you Jae >:3 


Hey you Pyxis :D


21 hours ago, Hitagi said:





19 hours ago, bunny said:





19 hours ago, Yuji said:

There goes my Hero, watch him as he goes. There goes my Hero, he's ordinary~


damn, was that an insult D:

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Hey you! Welcome to the server. I suppose you're too "hot garbage" to have any questions, but if you think of some, feel free to @request in-game or send staff a forum note and we'll be sure to get back to you!

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