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Andy gal

New Content with a catch

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Hi Perry,
I know you are been super busy with real life and with work.
What if as aRO community we do like a donation goal
$100 in donation = new headgear
$500 in donation = new mvp
$1000 in donation = new instance

something like that let me know what you think!

Papa Dice

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Hi! I do appreciate the idea, though I've always been somewhat hesitant to tie updates to specific/public income goals; it feels a little exploitative (maybe I'm a bit cynical due to how most other servers and game companies are :P), and I've always felt that better content comes from the times that I'm more naturally able/motivated to work on it anyway. The other issue is my health can be inconsistent at times, making it difficult to commit to specific types of updates/deadlines. That being said, right now I do need to prioritize other parts of my life (specifically my health and future career) regardless of the server income, so I haven't had as much freedom to work on updates.


I am actually interested in working on another instance at some point, which would include a new MVP of course, but I haven't had the time to try to plan everything, plus the issue of having to design and create a very large map for it. The map for Freyja's Ascent took a long time to make, and that's a fairly simplistic map compared to a lot of the ideas I've had for new instances, so anything more complicated would likely be a pretty massive undertaking and I'm not entirely sure how well I'd be able to pull it off with my limited experience in map making. The other difficulty is deciding what could be used for rewards in a new instance, since I'm guessing people wouldn't be very happy with it reusing the Freyja's reward system - if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them, though of course it could be quite a while before they can actually be implemented.


In any case, right now my main goal is just keeping the server up as long as possible. The community has been growing again lately with GR/BG going quite regularly, which has been great to see, so the longer I can keep the server around for the players, the better. :D As long as the server income is enough to cover the costs of running it, the server can stay up; any further updates will come when I have both the time and the energy to do so. Well, that or whenever I lose enough sanity to open BrowEdit and try to make a new map again.

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