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Shadow X

BG 3 vs 3

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Hi, I just want to raise a concern regarding battle grounds. Since we have so little players in the server, newbies who join could not avail BG armors because of the lack of people to start BG. I suggest to make BG 3 vs 3 at least to help newbies and old players enjoy the server. Thank you

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Answered this in the chat box as well but just to have it on record here, and to explain it in a bit more detail, 3v3 unfortunately wouldn't work for Battlegrounds. The only mode that would properly support it is Team Deathmatch, but a lot of players don't like TDM, which would discourage them from even joining the queue at all if it was the only mode available below 8 players. All of the other BG modes would effectively just become party PvP with no real focus on objectives (essentially becoming TDM), or a set of 1v1 PvP fights (Stone Control or CTF, for example), neither of which is what BG is supposed to be.


Previously the minimum required player count was 10 because even 4v4 doesn't work in most BG modes (that's why some of the modes still won't start without it being a 5v5). To get around that I made our own custom Battlegrounds map (the one used for Flag Runner and King of the Hill), specifically with a couple custom 4v4 modes in mind. While I do understand your concern about BG armor accessibility, 4v4 is really the smallest we can go without making it something that isn't really Battlegrounds anymore.


That being said, depending on timing I can sometimes be messaged on Discord if you're trying to get a queue started; my sleeping schedule is a bit unusual (I have a sleeping disorder so I'm awake at different times every day), but if I'm on my computer at the time I can usually hop on for at least a few matches. Aside from that though, the only thing that can really be done is to try to get the server growing again. Writing a good review on RMS every 6 months or so (reviews only affect a server's score for 6 months, so they need to be reposted after that) gives us some extra exposure to new players, and sitting around in town even if you're afk will show newbies that we have a playerbase (seeing lots of afk people is better than seeing nobody at all). Of course if you happen to see a newbie walking around while you're sitting in town, offering to help by answering questions can go a long way in convincing them to stay as well, which ultimately means more people for BG once they get at least somewhat geared up for it (which is a lot easier now with the last update adding a few free F.Forest cards for newbies).


By the way, if you're not already in the Poring Burgers Discord, you (and anyone else interested in running BG) can join it - there's a channel in it for trying to get BG started, so you can send out a quick ping to the BG role when you're starting a queue to reach people that may be available but not in-game at the time.

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