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[FFA PvP] Saturday, March 6th 20:00 Server Time

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Free-for-All PvP
Saturday, March 6th 20:00 server time
[ 8PM Saturday PST ]
[ 11AM Sunday GMT + 8 ]


Rounds: 3-5 (depending on participation)
Prize: 10-20 Poring Coins per round (depending on participation)

RSVP: PM Simmy or leave a message in @request with the following format (@request RSVP for FFA - IGN: ______)
    If you're interested in playing please let me know so I can scale the number of rounds and prizes given accordingly
    This is not a requirement, but it's useful information to have before the start of the event


Participant Rules
1. Avoid teaming - Pick your own fights and try to see them through
    (This includes buffing other participants)
2. No pubs - Do not alt + c to create a chat during rounds
3. No outside buffs - Come prepared, as all buffs will be removed before the start of each round
4. One Kaizel - Soul Linkers are allowed one resurrection per round (on themselves only)
5. No Berserk - Use of the Berserk skill will disqualify you immediately
6. No Resurrection - Use of the Resurrection skill will disqualify you immediately
7. No extended Cloaking/Hiding - Hiding in a corner and waiting until the pack dwindles down = I murder you 🤷‍♂️
8. No parties - All participants are expected to leave their parties before the 1st round and not join/create a party until the event is over


Spectator Privilege
We will allow spectators to come watch the event, however they must enter the warp portals while they are available before the start of each round.
Spectators will be asked to use @die before the start of each round in the designated area, and they have their own set of rules:
1. No pubs - Do not alt + c to create a chat during rounds
2. No flooding public chat - Spammers can expect to be muted without warning during this event
3. No excessive trash talk - Keep server rules in mind as they will apply here [Respect other players/No discrimination/Watch your language]
    Violators will be dealt with accordingly

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