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A new map (massive monster spawn)? / Renewal content?

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Hello everyone!

I love this server alot!

But I wonder how much effort it would be (depending on time of course) to create a new/available Map ?


I had two thoughts, either one from pre-renewal with.. just a massive amount of mobs ( like the map someone left while spawning amon ra but not killing him....or the amount of mobs at gold room)

or a renewal  map / or instance?


I don't know if thats even possible to add renewal content to the server like the instance Devil's Tower


so tbh that would be 3 ideas


a new map with massive mob spawn (maybe renewal)

an old map with massive mob spawn

a new instance  ( either renewal or pre-renewal)


Edit: Well, yep I know about the Lhz_dun04  which is fucking amazing aswell :D  but since i dont bg (still not yet - which is also fking amazing) i can't really damage them :D 

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Hi! Just as a quick heads up, as noted in February's update, scheduled/planned server development is currently on hold while I focus on my career and other obligations outside of RO development. Of course I would still like to come back to it when I have the time to do so, but that does mean that suggestions may not be added for quite some time; I may still work on some updates but they'd probably be smaller ones like the one in April.


With that being said, I'm a little confused about what you mean by massive mob spawn; do you just mean custom/new maps in general, or did you have a specific purpose in mind such as farming materials (like LHZ4) or a bit more of a challenge (like Freyja's Ascent)?


The third idea of a new instance is actually something I wanted to do (Freyja's was supposed to be the first of multiple instances, which would potentially have been tied into custom weapon crafting once enough of them were implemented), but it requires a lot of work and testing to add new ones. Even implementing Renewal instances can be a lot of work due to balancing (both the mobs and the rewards).


By the way, it is actually possible to farm LHZ4 without BG armors, they just make it a bit faster/easier. :D Any regular armor should work fine as long as you're exploiting their elemental weaknesses (Snipers can do this fairly well, with Charge Arrow helping to avoid getting hit too much). Either way most builds involve Yggdrasil usage to stay alive.

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Thank you for the quick and informative reply :D 

I understand that the server wont be the only income at all and that time is rare these days, so an even bigger thank you for keeping all alive <3 


as in massive mob spawn  i imagined something like the poring event, basicly a map ( or like ET ) with alot of mobs to kill.. :D I dont really mind about the special farming materials tho, I would be glad with a map like prt_maze and each field would be "full" (in like at least double the amount of existing mobs) but no high-end ( custom mobs) just... a.e. 50 porings in prt_maze field 1 or so ( yea my request seems very odd to some ^^' ) 


& You wanted to add new Instances? *.*  I Hope its not a spoiler yet but oooh I'm curious :D 


until then I'm gonna find my way through LHZ4 aaand be patient :3


Thank you alot for being such an amazing Admin and thank you for the effort & everything! <3  Stay Healthy 




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