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Perry the Platypus

Server Rules

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Hi there! These are our server rules - by playing at the server, you are agreeing to follow these and will be held responsible if you break them. Everyone is expected to have read these rules prior to playing.


1. Respect other players

As a community, we expect all players to respect each other. This rule applies everywhere, whether it be in public chat, global chat, PMs, or the forums. While minor trash talking is allowed, please be careful not to attack any other player personally. Any form of trash talking in global channels is prohibited.


2. No discrimination

Racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination will absolutely not be tolerated. Please note that breaking this rule can result in an immediate permanent ban.


3. No 3rd party programs or other forms of cheating

Packet editors, macros, and other 3rd party programs ("3PPs") that provide any kind of an advantage in-game are not allowed. UI/graphical enhancements (such as minimal effect GRFs) are allowed, so long as they don't perform any actions or provide any mechanical advantage for you. This rule includes external hardware, such as gaming mice with macro functionality, or any other form of automated gameplay. Attempts to bypass in-game detection systems, such as afk checks, also fall under this rule.


4. Watch your language

While swearing is allowed, excessive swearing or swearing when asked to stop will result in punishment. Please be mindful of who is around you when using extreme language. Sexually explicit language is not allowed in global chat channels.


5. No inappropriate names

This rule applies to all names, including (but not limited to) character names, guild names, guild titles, and party names. If you think someone may take offense to your name, simply do not use it. If your name is found to be offensive, you will be expected to delete the character and create a new one to replace it. A name change of the existing character will not be offered, nor will transfers of rankings and other character stats. Inappropriate names include, but are not limited to, names with swearing, sexual innuendo, and racist terms.


Note that while names of porn actors/actresses are allowed, many of them use intentionally explicit/suggestive names. It is recommended that players look up possible double meanings of the names before using them to avoid potential issues. Addresses of pornographic/explicit websites are not allowed.


If you are unsure about a character name and would like to confirm before using it, please feel free to contact a staff member and ask them to check it for you.


6. Global chat must be in English

All forms of global chat (such as the #main channel) must be in English. This rule does not apply to public chat, just to the global chat channels; you are more than welcome to speak other languages in public chat.


7. Kill stealing is allowed

While this isn't exactly a rule, it's simply here to clarify this for those who may be used to this rule on other servers. Kill stealing is allowed here, so please be careful about sharing the location of MVPs.


8. No spamming or blocking vision
Do not spam other people's chats or intentionally block NPCs. If a player asks you to move because you are blocking something for them, please respect their request.


9. No impersonating other players/staff

Your name cannot have "GM," "Admin," or anything else resembling a staff member in it (this includes guild and party names). It also cannot be intentionally similar to the name of another player or staff member. If your name is coincidentally similar (for example, Pichu and Pikachu), that's fine, as long as you're not doing it to pretend to be that person.


10. Dual clienting is for convenience only

Dual clienting is allowed for things such as item transfers, self buffing, or chatting in town while leveling another character. It is against the rules to use dual clienting to gain an advantage in WoE, level two characters simultaneously, or otherwise gain an advantage over other players who do not dual client. Note that Homunculus farming does not count towards this rule. To avoid an unfair advantage, it is also against the rules to use multiple computers to get around this rule.


11. No begging for items

Asking for help is fine, but don't repeatedly ask someone for free items/Zeny/etc, or go around asking every single person you see. Also, GMs are not allowed to give out items, so don't ask them for freebies.


12. No out-of-game transactions (RMTs)

Offering to sell in-game items or your account for real life money, possessions, or currency/items in other games is not allowed. Any intent to do this will result in an immediate ban.


13. No boosting

Boosting is when you use a second account or a friend to give you free kills, for the purpose of gaining points, rank, or any other benefit. Please note that intentionally assisting the enemy team in Battlegrounds also falls under this rule, as well as giving the enemy team an advantage by refusing to help your own team.


14. No market/trading related chat in the #main channel

Please use the dedicated #market channel for any messages relating to the buying/selling/trading/etc of items.



If at any point you feel that a GM has punished you in an unjust way, please open a support ticket or send me a forum PM.

Edited by Perry the Platypus
Clarification of Rule #5

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