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  1. Is a prof complaining about snipers?
  2. Sinx has to drop their shield? They just spam ror+cbk and they are unkillable. why would i sinx, even decide to do that when they have that. Sbk does around 17-22k per hit. Av damage would be nice to use, since clowns are mainly supports on this server which i don't get.
  3. Well pvp here is just trash in general. Its a Bg/Woe server i guess. Its eh at best. People get tired of the same thing and some people are solo players. But this server is eh with its balancing. Just don't expect much lol.
  4. Damn i waited sooo long for these new clown reworks. Now i can throw this class away on here cause its basically more dead. Punching a class when its already dead is inhumane lmaoo.
  5. Man, treasure planet is such a good movie with a good sountrack.