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  1. are you still recruiting?
  2. Leunam

    Duo Partner Thread

    i called dibs first sir
  3. Leunam


    Say no more rozzy
  4. Leunam

    S>MCs = anything

    I'm hurt friend y u no reply?
  5. Leunam

    S>MCs = anything

    Hi Friend i would like to buy some mc's with 1b = 50 dc rate. Would like to know if your up for it? Love you
  6. LF> Falling Feathers = Trade to stuffs or other VIP HG Dark Knight Cloak/Love Bunny Band PM me via forums PS: No to drugs
  7. Gay players Oh wait Mond and Kratos are inactive. Points three fingers at Greg
  8. Lord Knight Uriel - just use @die or log out Rin Pineapple Express - (ALL HAIL CHE) Grotesque Luis - he sleeps in PVP SinX Gon - best PVE sinx in woe 🥉 Priest Beans a.k.a Beans Sotto - [email protected] p1n0y [email protected] Aimee Leila - the only holy in her(joke rozzy) High Wizard Kratos the Geitos - the forgotten purple gay wizard who owned bg High Wizard Kathryne - MING-GOD Whitesmith Gelo Sniper Borrum - can easily 1 on 1 any class any time any where Creator Lady Scarlett - have easily mastered the job or she had gone full potato in order to master the tank/damage/heal build of a creator Zymeth/Mike Wazowski - its mond period Lucky Charms - pure EBEL will chase you to the depths of hell to kill you(ALL HAIL SIMPLICITY) Higor - Higor(creo) + Kratos(wiz) in bg before is sure win Saroline - personal PP creo is the best creo Jai - another pinoy pp creo in guild Professor Tori Black <3(Utility/Damge) - its mond again period Rozzy/Aeryn Wasdlkzxml - one of the best utility prof in woe and a 🥔 Professor Ming - MING-GOD Seraphina Clown/Gypsy Sang - started the trend Sangs Ebil Sister - Continued the trend Linker Saku - the only Linker that lasted since inertia Buckets - you don't go anywhere without link from Buckets during woe Paladin Greg - greg x rozzy 4ever Innocent-Pally & Ambition - two of the best paladins i encountered in anomaly(ALL HAIL PHOBIA) Kswil/Will - can kill you with his holy powers Champion Luis - he sleeps in PVP Special mention xXxmAlditAxXx - jejeMOND
  9. Leunam

    Christmas Event Quest

    are you recruiting for your guild?
  10. AnomalyRO's videography learning guild against the only least trash guild and their stone curse leader 🥔🥔🥔🥔
  11. welp not the update that i expected GL to the server