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  1. ah! thank you so much! very much appreciated. thank you for all your help this evening!
  2. hmmm well when i logged in for the very first time, there was a smaller box that just had chat dialogue in it. the box that f10 brings up only shows my battle log. i tried making another tab in it and it doesnt show chat context. 🤔
  3. that makes way more sense! thank you! i should have paid better attention in the tutotial lol thank you so much. one more quick question. unrelated. i clicked on something that made the box i could see chat in dissapear. how do i bring it back?
  4. Hey all! brand new to the server and Im trying to get a grasp on things. after finding a great leveling guide, im attempting to follow it by inputing the warp command but Im not sure Im doing it properly? for example, the guide suggests going to kill high orcs at gef_fild14. when I type in "@go gef_fild14" it just brings me to an area inside Geffen. not sure what Im missing here. TIA!