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  1. Same here! Thanks Papa! #noscam #PapaNumbah ☝️
  2. Congrats X! Big time bets. big time rewards! IGN: Dr. Johnny Sins If I win, I would be using the 1K DC to upgrade my equips, UCA box(DP. DP .DP lol), and buy my dream HG. I might try my luck with Papa by betting what is left but I really suck at gambling. 😝😝😝 Whenever you log in the game, kindly type @main #PapaNumbah1☝️
  3. Papa paid already! Numbah 1 😁
  4. papa #1 xD IGN: Dr. Johnny Sins Thanks Papa! 😋
  5. Name of Headgear: Custom Shining Pirate Dagger Type of Headgear (Upper/Middle/Lower): Lower Image/Screenshot of Headgear: Sample image
  6. Hi GMs,We were in the middle of Freyjas and suddenly I got kicked out from the server. When I tried to log back, the system says I'm prohibited to log in for about 3 hrs. I'm not using any scripts/macros of sorts.Kindly remove the prohibition.Thank you.