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  1. Similar to the Dead Branch Collector, I think it’d be cool to have an Old Card Album Collector that will exchange a number of Old Card Albums and a fee for a Mystical Card Album. Since the Mystical Card Album guarantee mini-boss and MVP cards, we can make it a little more expensive than the Dead Branch Collector’s fee. For example: Old Card Album x50 100m = Mystical Card Album x1
  2. Aziv

    B> OCA & S> Usables

    Buying> Old Card Albums = 300k /ea Level 5 Cold Bolt = 200k /ea or trade for 1 Level 5 Fire Bolt /ea Selling> Usables: Elixir of Lifesteal / Soul Steal / Healing / Recover = 8m or 1dt /ea Combined Resist Potion = 500k /ea Lutie Lady's Pancake = 500k /ea Aloevera = 1m /ea Bloody Branch = 50m /ea Enchanted Bloody Branch = 140m /ea Cursed Water = 100k /ea Box of Storms = 150k /ea Level 5 Fire Wall = 10m /ea Level 5 Fire Bolt = 200k /ea White Slim Potion = 100k /ea Poison Bottle = 10m /ea Equips: Blue / Green / Purple / White Dying Will = 100m /ea Frost Orb = 100m /ea Gaea Wings = 100m /ea Demon Plate Cloak = 300m /ea Celebrity Cape = 300m /ea +10 Composite Bow = 1b /ea +10 Mace = 1b /ea Misc: Dyestuffs = 20m /ea Baphomet Doll = 500m /ea Osiris Doll = 500m /ea Offering farming services - PM to discuss arrangements. OPEN TO OTHER TRADES OR OFFERS...
  3. Would be nice to have vending authorized on a strip of land next to the buildings of main town, on the grassy area, but with conditions. For example, disabling @autotrade and automatically closing the vending shop after several hours.
  4. I think it'd be a good idea to be able to vend where there is a lot of foot traffic, but again, with the conditions of having @autotrade disabled and automatically closing shop after a certain period of time, to allow for healthy turnover of stores. This way, players can quickly open up shop when going AFK for a little while and have a higher probability of getting their store looked at during that period of time. I personally don't go into the vend area to just shop around, but this will open up the market for those selling novel items that most will not think of looking for using @whosell. To prevent clutter in the main town, you can limit vending down to a 1 cell wide column.