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    How's everyone!?

    Hi Guys how's everyone doin' ?? I miss ya'll, hopping that everyone is fine and doing well
  2. my winnings against papa only few hours apart XD
  3. This will be my first introduction and farewell. Hi, everyone X here. I started my Anomaly Journey last January 2020. and i might add that even when the server at this time was really low in population, i still enjoyed my time here, and might say that it felt home for me. even when there's people who didn't like me, its okay. i still love you :P For all the people who wanted to keep in touch with me My discord is TSXLV #0248. I don't really like saying Goodbye, thats why most of the time i just say seeya, but with whats happening now. i feel like this is goodbye for everyone and seeya for some. and Thank You Perry.