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  1. I've been rewriting my reviews about twice a year since the server opened c:
  2. Crying in ur arms ❤️ jk ihuilu
  3. Free-for-All PvP Saturday, March 6th 20:00 server time [ 8PM Saturday PST ] [ 11AM Sunday GMT + 8 ] Rounds: 3-5 (depending on participation) Prize: 10-20 Poring Coins per round (depending on participation) RSVP: PM Simmy or leave a message in @request with the following format (@request RSVP for FFA - IGN: ______) If you're interested in playing please let me know so I can scale the number of rounds and prizes given accordingly This is not a requirement, but it's useful information to have before the start of the event Participant Rules 1. Avoid teaming - Pick your own fights and try to see them through (This includes buffing other participants) 2. No pubs - Do not alt + c to create a chat during rounds 3. No outside buffs - Come prepared, as all buffs will be removed before the start of each round 4. One Kaizel - Soul Linkers are allowed one resurrection per round (on themselves only) 5. No Berserk - Use of the Berserk skill will disqualify you immediately 6. No Resurrection - Use of the Resurrection skill will disqualify you immediately 7. No extended Cloaking/Hiding - Hiding in a corner and waiting until the pack dwindles down = I murder you 🤷‍♂️ 8. No parties - All participants are expected to leave their parties before the 1st round and not join/create a party until the event is over Spectator Privilege We will allow spectators to come watch the event, however they must enter the warp portals while they are available before the start of each round. Spectators will be asked to use @die before the start of each round in the designated area, and they have their own set of rules: 1. No pubs - Do not alt + c to create a chat during rounds 2. No flooding public chat - Spammers can expect to be muted without warning during this event 3. No excessive trash talk - Keep server rules in mind as they will apply here [Respect other players/No discrimination/Watch your language] Violators will be dealt with accordingly
  4. Simmy


    I'm not in that discord and staff is not required to maintain support/announcements there, as it is an unofficial server discord :x. . . It was the admin's decision to not have an official server discord to organize support/requests/etc to one platform, the forums! But if you see me online, just request an event! I have some real life obligations that come first, of course, but I'd gladly do an event when I can, even for small groups. However, a lack participants limits what I can do event-wise, so keep this in mind pleasey. I can try planning larger scale events on Saturdays, but unfortunately that is my only free day. I'll try my best to pop in here and there throughout the week though!!
  5. Simmy


    Hey sounds like a great idea! Maybe you can log in to join sometime! Let's not derail TSXLV's post though c: Thank you for hosting an event @TSXLV
  6. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=19992&itv=6&url_sname=AnomalyRO There you go Sorry for double post @Perry the Platypus please don't fire me
  7. hi I hate u. . . 💔 I'm down to WoE Saturday nights (Sunday morning SEA) if someone wants to organize something. . . I can be useless as usual! (Gaytoes can be on my team I guess 🤷‍♀️)
  8. Request denied. c: Really though, the current sprite we have has some buggy action files that need to be fixed first. . . Otherwise your hat will fly away. decapitated disco
  9. Ah, I gotcha. Please don't beg the admin for free items. c:
  10. Welcome to the server! I've seen you in town before~
  11. So true. . . The member after me takes their phone with them to play games or read aRO forums on the toilet c;
  12. Simmy


    Very nice guide, sir! Hopefully new players will see this and start farming them now 😍 Or pay Jus10 to farm for them