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  1. Clearly you haven't played Gunslinger a day in your life
  2. Vergil

    B> Dark Knight Cloak

    Selling a +8 Elucidator for 35mc pm me
  3. MC or DC. Message me your price Contact: 1. PM me on forums 2. PM me in-game: Neo/Aizen 3. Reply on this thread
  4. Vergil

    S>MCs = anything

    edit *delete this double post*
  5. Vergil

    S>MCs = anything

    incoming imaginary offers of 200DC:1mc
  6. What's taking so long to implement the fire wall scrolls to the store 😪
  7. +1000.. this can help make pvp more encouraging to partake in since there are no negatives that come w/ dying. if more ppl who arent pvp-oriented actually PvP in this suggested mode then they can become more accustomed to armor/garment/hg swaps since you can see damage unlike BG/WoE which might = an increase in skill level i hope
  8. probably an automatic temporary ban for using a 3rd party program like a macro~
  9. Just my opinion.. I don't really pay attention to WoE but I see some names SinX: Myself (Neo) & Slay in general. For WoE hats go off to Giannis Antetokounmpo Paladin = Ralph no debate Star Gladiator = Shanks and Sato Stalker = Force Lux and Bunny SL = Saku and Buckets Sniper = Ganon Creator = Lucky Charms Professor = Hiyo WS = Shanks & Soov LK = Uriel *Honorable Mention goes to Pineapple Express* HW = Heaux and Chue (before they got banned).. *Honorable Mention goes to Tumass* Champion (PVP only) = Myself...... 2. Buckets (Fingers go pew pew pew) 3.Hashii Dancer/Clown/Ninja = Not played enough to really decide
  10. Vergil

    Speed Pots

    #logic Question: If flag-ins were nerfed to prevent re-grouping happen almost instantly and actually make wiping the enemy team meaningful why can't the same ideology be applied to speed pots? Speed pots should really be situational items that are used to escape when you are in a bad position or offensively to secure a kill.. Not something that can be mindlessly spammed with no drawback whatsover which is the case right now.
  11. Vergil

    Guild Cap Change

    +1 I'm all for this.