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  1. Not sure if you guys still have room or not, but I’m new to the server and haven’t chatted with anyone in game yet so I figured I’d go for it lol. IGN: Ricky Name: Ricky (shocker, right?) Time Zone: GMT-5 New York, USA Job Class: SinX main, also have experience on LK and Wizard but am flexible and can build whatever class is needed. Online Time: varies day by day but my general availability is 10:00-18:00 server time on weekdays, pretty much all day weekends. Discord tag: Rusaw#4765 Haven’t really played RO seriously in probably a decade, but this server has been pretty fun and I am enjoying the customs. I love PvP and would love to play in WoE, but I don’t have a ton of experience besides a few smaller servers. I’m 30 years old and have been gaming all my life. RO holds a dear place in my heart as it was the first PC game/mmo that I ever played, and no matter how many mmos I play, I always end up coming back. Usually not for long, but as I said earlier, I really enjoy this server and I would love to have a reason to stick around, some great friends would surely be the motivation I’m looking for. Thanks for your time and consideration, I hope to hear from you soon!