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  1. Guild leader: Zymeth @Mond | Co-Leader: Aeryn Winter @rozzy Our guild is currently not recruiting new/old players in the server (will update the status if we are open for recruitment) THW is an active WOE and social guild | played in InertiaRO prior to AnomalyRO We are here to provide you great and fun guild war experience, and ensures you to have a friendly guild environment to make your stay in the server worthwhile and memorable. Guild Requirements: You must be semi-geared for WOE purposes (w/ or w/o WOE experience, we're here to train you!) Required accounts: Discord and Facebook/Messenger Must be flexible for at least 2-3 job roles to fulfill the role/s needed by the guild Expect us: To help you build and train your class, and guide as you stay in our guild To welcome you as you become part of our family~ We expect you: NOT to be a trash talker (to fellow member and Main chat), hardheaded, and drama queen/king Be friendly, helpful and respectful to your fellow guild member (and ofc, to the community) A team player, loyal and an active player (specially during WOE hours) Hardworking player that does not rely on the equips or cards that we give as incentives Join and be part of our growing and fun family! ❤️ Feel free to visit Gonryun (@go 11) if you want to get invites or PM/send us a mail in game! or talk to any THW member to notify us that you're interested in joining our guild. 👻 Here are some of our screenshots & videos 👻 (to be updated) Post-WOE screenshots: WOE screenshots: WOE Videos:
  2. Mond

    False Accusation

    Here's the story: I went to Caspen and sat down beside some THW members and did say few words but not even a swearing word. So, I started talking to people through PMs asking what is happening and eventually went back to our savepoint. Unfortunately, few mins after we left (I ecalled them) I was accused of being part of the people who were at Caspen who talked "excessive swearing in town". According to Esper, I was there in town and saw my name in the chat logs so I became part of the list who received a warning. After waiting for the proof of screenshots/chat logs, it seems that there was no proof of me saying "excessive swearing words" at all and eventually my warning was revoked. Fyi, I didn't post this just because I got a warning from a GM but I'm more concerned of how do they 'investigate' first a situation like this before giving out a warning or a mute. I just wonder why whenever a player asks for a proof of reason for the punishment or warning it is delayed or still being processed but warnings/punishments were already given to the player. A friendly reminder that a simple apology won't always calm people down when they were accused of something that they didn't do, it might just leave a bad impression and/or grudge to the person who falsely accused the player. I hope warnings/punishments will have a longer process and be certain before giving it out to the player/s.
  3. I think that adding delay should suffice. However, I've tried this before in other sever and it really adds delay when going back to the castle since other troll players casts random portals in your savepoint as well, but this alone couldn't solve the abuse of flag-in (today's guild wars and in the future).
  4. It's been a while since this topic was discussed.. I guess this is the perfect time to have an update as soon as it's final so people who play WoE can get used to it as early as now and give feedback for any improvements. I would say that 1.5 minutes cooldown on the flag-in should be enough time for them to survive on their next use of flag-in. 30 seconds ~1minute is too short and there is a big chance that they'll just wait for the cooldown and use it again, longer than that could force them to walk rather than waiting for the flag-in to cooldown. ^ +1. It would be best if it's MAC based flag-in cooldown (if possible) to avoid any abuse since it's 'kinda' impossible to have 28/28 people online at the same time (at this moment) without any dual accounts in the guild.
  5. Smaller guilds always have an option to recruit newbies/oldbies/friends on their team not unless they don't want anyone aside from old friends. To be fair, bigger guilds were also once a small guild. I'm just talking in general, fyi. Well said. I don't know if others feels the same way when they push.