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  1. You should add a performance for the vip pets. Make them even more worthwhile than just looking different lol Just a suggestion. Ought to make people actually want them even if it's just a bit more.
  2. v003

    B> MC

    I am buying them with DC only. Name Price & Amount that you have for sale
  3. That was by far the warmest welcome hehe Thank you. I will be online tomorrow ! 😁
  4. I've seen you all over the forums. Can't wait to see you in-game. Thanks a ton for the tips! I will be checking that out soon
  5. That's a definite, Bob. Thanks for the heads up! Maybe I can go looking for you when I do log in. Give it about 3 days and I'll be online. I am far more excited than I can put into words.
  6. This is me. New to the Server 😅
  7. Thank you! I've actually created this account as an alternative to SicksSeven. More like this one will be my main account. SicksSeven will be my backup account if ever necessary. I will be able to buy my own laptop on Thursday so it'll be a few days before I can officially join everyone in game. I plan on joining as a VIP. I'm actually stoked to play 🤩