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  1. Welcome to the server! Make sure to read through all our guides and our super awesome helpful wiki ~ they give you the awesome details and helpful tips of our server.
  2. Well this has gone on long enough. This topic is going to be locked now as the forums aren't exactly the best place to have a pissing contest.
  3. I am going to lock this topic as it has been addressed and handled!
  4. Hi Buckets! We will message you as this isn't the appropriate place to be discussing a ban. Generally we ask for a support ticket to be open in these cases.
  5. The discord scrub linked above all admins and staff in game are found within the discord and it is active giving updates on GR, BG, and the occasional MVP invasion. Sometimes the discord is chatty and other times it isnt but it is definitely used and useful if players wish to reach us through discord for support questions. The admins of the discord server are still active-ish as well: it seems just the main admin of the discord is not always available however the mods and co-admin are generally responsive and available.
  6. We have added some Halloween headgears throughout the different shops that you are welcome to purchase with the corresponding currencty. There will also be other headgears listed above that will be available on October 25th to quest from a new NPC in town for a few days!
  7. Thank you for the Gypsy Bard updates 💚💚💚💚!!!
  8. Esper

    Box Maker (NPC)

    Wee I completely forgot the boxes in BG and had a brain fart. Ignore my comment earlier lol.
  9. We would need to keep in mind that taekwond and star gladiators do get a buff with the number of players in their party however that maybe could be addressed within their rework or null the skill with a BG party (however this takes away a big bonus the class is given). I don't believe it works for them currently with them being in a guild in BG, though correct me if I am wrong.
  10. Esper

    Box Maker (NPC)

    I think this is a good idea and glad to see it approved however I think making the boxes 1 weight would make gym passes more useless so the weight of the box should possibly be addressed. Maybe making the weight so you can carry double what you usually do would makes more sense so you still have to use your cart and storage (a normal game mechanic) to replunish. I think it might make the gym pass more valuable other than on creators and gold room characters.
  11. Welcome to Anomaly! If you have any questions or need any help feel free to PM me in game or any staff member. You can use @whogm to check whos online or @request if you have a question and don't see anyone online. We will do our best to get back to you asap. Enjoy your stay!
  12. Esper

    The good kind of ass

    Looks like my old Gaia online character Good work janleyoo but don't work on hairstyles work on browedit models oktysenpai 💚
  13. Hello??? Where am I? Is this cause I beat you up :(?
  14. We will be hosting a Halloween related event for the month of October that will involve some spooky headgears. Currently in the works and more information will be given soon!
  15. You can find magazines and bullets in alberta 115 159 Just talk to Magazine Dealer Kenny or Bullet Dealer Tony