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  1. Thanks for your reply, although custom is not the same as costume, I mean, to give you an example: I like to wear goblin mask, but goblin mask doesn't have the effect of a custom headgear, and uses up 2 slots of headgears, therefore, if I want to wear goblin mask, I'd be losing +30 all stats and 2 slots just to look the way I want to. So, a costume converter would be good for those who like looking different than simply wearing custom headgears. Regards
  2. Hello! I would like to suggest the installing of a costume headgear maker in main town. A little more specific: The costume headgear maker converts any headgear/hat into a costume for wearing over your real headgears, in the case that you want to wear something different on top since your battle gears can be ugly or simply you like a certain look but the headgear/hat you want to wear doesn't have the effect that you need/want. Hope to read back about this. Regards, Larien