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  1. once again, thank you for everything.
  2. You know you love me bb Distance is only a number on a map ;) DM Me +526864425471 Thank you
  3. wait can someone link me where to go for the review
  4. yo this game bomb tho I'd be down to play some evening WoEs (or all the weekend ones). not really suggesting anything but a +1 to help. greg hit me up with a guild, yeah? the problem is the pettiness between specific players that cause "drama" between guilds. as mentioned by my main man valiant (or someone else idk) let bygones be bygones. I kinda love the drama tho but people get mad over it and stop playing. inb4 we disable chat for all members in WoE maps for 2 hours before/after WoE (it would keep track of who entered them) LUL. I mean nothing stops one from logging another account and talking but every extra step may deter someone from doing stuff. also maybe unbiased GMs would help. where the OG staff at those were cool. It may sound ironic coming from me being one of the guys with the most reports probably but ye I'll behave I just wanna click on people and watch them die It is quite discouraging when the competition just runs and maybe if you're making them run you could do something about it. at this point, however, you just wanna play with your homies and it makes it not worth it just because the other guys aint got friends. At this point, people would not do anything and just play with their friends if opponents ever show up rather than splitting. This is going to keep being a problem. With the population currently, I say only one castle per woe and super limit guild populations. more people come in? just increase it. no? People want to play with their friends, yes, but that's one reason there's no competition. Mans just too popular. I think SA has always trolled, it doesn't matter if they have castles or not. we all know that why was that even discussed? If there's only going to be 4 people playing WoE per side might as well bring other forms of group v group entertainment. iirc the new BG modes have been already added. tbh i'd even suggest 3v3 BGs but idk the population #s. cant you grab a map and make it smaller for those? if there are 4v4 then disable that map? perhaps same thing for castles? just snip snip some hallways or a couple portals. mini castles for the mini woes that happen. I'm posting to keep the thread alive I guess. I wanted to shitpost but tbh the game be fine, lack of players participating in other areas around the game, not just woe, is hurting it. I think perrry said that tho. if you're woendering why I'm writing like this my IQ went from 30 to 9 since what happened during september-december for me and i dont think it'll coem back. no apologies I'll rewrite my review after i finish eating vyagra i miss you simmy i love you noiriuau i keep forgetting to reply to your DMs you're my #1 skinny afro *i don't speak for THW those guys all got coronavirus. rice in potatoes
  5. Please, love me. You know who you are. Even if we speak different languages we can make it happen.
  6. Kratos Fon Fabre

    The BG Zodiac

    BG is fun when suddenly it's TDM and your entire team says no and they just sit waiting to die or log out. if you do see someone like that, report it. record it if you can too. there are people like that or at least there used to be, lots of people disappeared lately We used to have people advertise GR (in-game in all-chat) in really creative ways, a couple of those made me join just because of how funny the advertisement was.
  7. #AdultLife that's been me lately and I should be doing work but I skip out on classes to catch up on sleep which makes it a never-ending cycle of having stuff to work on. oops No worries, I was curious. I saw the armors/accessories swap thread and made me remember we had something related.
  8. I do understand duoq is a unique feature and it is pretty fun, after all, I've trolled with it before (good times). Having it work differently with a reduced tracking system to make up for it is as close as we'll get to a solution for both sides of this discussion. If anything, at least the idea is out there getting recognized and that's good enough for me. good code practice I see. I guess it made everything super simple for them to work with.