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  1. I completely agree. I've been against DuoQ since my start at the server, said similar things that Saku pointed out, and there have been multiple threads, I made one myself and Hylian Spectre just pointed out the most recent one that Ray made. I still think they won't get removed because "it encourages new players to play with their friends" or so has been repeated on each one of these threads. People abuse the system, you have coordinated individuals trashing entire teams because they have the comp that allows them to when it's supposed to be randomized. DuoQ should be something that can definitely be implemented --- in a separate BG (which would never start because we don't even have the population to separate them). Now, my actual point is that duoq encourages older players to play with their own veteran friends. This makes it quite unbalanced as the newbies are left to fend off against other vets that would not be as coordinated or have a punishing duo comp to trash on others. The point that we make about "new players get to play with friends" doesn't become null because there's always that one newbie or two that comments "yeah that's the only reason why I BG" so until then, it won't get removed. Good luck, though. I don't even play BG anymore xd Hylian Spectre pointed out something about playing vs friends, so let me just casually mention that if you don't like going vs your friends, you're stupid. That's the perfect time to enjoy killing them as you most likely play with them in WoE and can't kill them "by accident" in the middle of a GvG. If the char is alive, it's meant to be killed. /gg Killing friends is way more fun than killing "enemies". But that's not the soul of this discussion, he just pointed it out so I wanted to do so too. Another Con that I can see vs the argument is that, in BG, you're supposed to be working as a team, so those 1v2 situations ya'll are describing shouldn't really be happening if you just stay with your boys. If you're getting 1v2'd in the first place, theoretically, you shouldn't be coming out on top. Sure, you can argue that you're better than them (or they're two magic classes and you just fuck them with reflect LUL, or, they were all newbs with just one tao and no switches and you're a vet with enough switches and fingers) but most likely you're going to be in their base or somewhere in the map with positioning that could've been better to avoid the situation. Sometimes you just get caught, it happens. The system is smart enough so that you won't all be snipers vs a bunch of creo/wizzie duos anyway. I'm not gonna bother proofreading this or making sure that my thoughts are actually conveyed properly so if you understand what I'm trying to say, cool, if not, just ignore this paragraph. I never duo, fuck duos. When I played I could reach a good score and KDA all by myself, duos are dumb (fuk you mond taking my #1 that one month a year ago). Ok, I've duo'd a couple of times but didn't really coordinate. Remember greg when we tried to play stalker and ninja? that went badly HAHAHA
  2. Oooh, gotcha. I tried fixing someone's PC before and I needed to check if their RO worked now and I came across this issue too. It's really nothing urgent as you said, I was mostly curious how come it acted that way. Thanks, Perry!
  3. Hi, I don't know if it's just me but how come, when using TeamViewer, the aRO client doesn't seem to receive any input? It's as if my keyboard didn't exist but I can do everything else just fine (i.e. typing this). Does it happen to be RO client normal behavior? I'm curious if I can get around it (phone Teamviewer didn't work either).
  4. Haha, it's all cool :) Maybe it wasn't stated before as it's common knowledge to the average RO player, but it sure doesn't do any justice to new players. As you stated, there's no real inconvenience except hatching your pet again, so I don't think it's all that important to add the warning to the NPC. Your signature is pretty cool, btw 0:
  5. what up bb u miss me? I'm personally inactive because of school work and other stuff. I did stop playing initially before I got super busy because RO PvE isn't that interesting to me and all PvP got boring. Sometimes I want to do stuff in here but I'm too lazy to get back into switches and fuck waking up at 8 am on a weekend to play WoE.
  6. Fk u, u had me talk to a lot of people too. I do the same tho (especially at school), gotta love outsourcing. Yeah, every single time you guys tried to make me lead I said "fuck that" because that's such a pain LMAO. One of the few times I was supposed to I just had Rob do it for me LUL. That's my point of view, but, ultimately, that's how it goes for most people. They don't want to do it because it's a lot of work, lol. That or they don't know what to do or where to start.
  7. Kratos Fon Fabre

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    I remember the days in which I could volcano in one spot, spam web and fire bolt on a target and if i timed it right they would be stuck and I'd deal a lot of dmg If a particular target wasn't dying fast they probably had fire resist so it was pretty easy to use 2 different bolts I miss magic
  8. "Update: The guild window now supports the guild storage permission for member positions" Wait, so it works now??? Also, "Bugfix: Fixed a bug that could cause some IPv6 users to lose their login sessions in rare cases" what kind of person is even on ipv6???? Hope you recover soon <3