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  1. Please, love me. You know who you are. Even if we speak different languages we can make it happen.
  2. Kratos Fon Fabre

    The BG Zodiac

    BG is fun when suddenly it's TDM and your entire team says no and they just sit waiting to die or log out. if you do see someone like that, report it. record it if you can too. there are people like that or at least there used to be, lots of people disappeared lately We used to have people advertise GR (in-game in all-chat) in really creative ways, a couple of those made me join just because of how funny the advertisement was.
  3. #AdultLife that's been me lately and I should be doing work but I skip out on classes to catch up on sleep which makes it a never-ending cycle of having stuff to work on. oops No worries, I was curious. I saw the armors/accessories swap thread and made me remember we had something related.
  4. I do understand duoq is a unique feature and it is pretty fun, after all, I've trolled with it before (good times). Having it work differently with a reduced tracking system to make up for it is as close as we'll get to a solution for both sides of this discussion. If anything, at least the idea is out there getting recognized and that's good enough for me. good code practice I see. I guess it made everything super simple for them to work with.
  5. Hey the information looks pretty to me If you wanted something like this: » PH Time (+8 GMT) « All 24-hour format WEDNESDAY 23:00~24:00 - Geffen Yesnelph → @warp gef_fild13 142 240 Bergel → @warp gef_fild13 194 278 THURSDAY 09:00~10:00 - Aldebaran Hohenschwangau → @warp alde_gld 95 250 Rothenburg → @warp alde_gld 262 90 SATURDAY 23:00~24:00 - Payon Scarlet Palace → @warp pay_gld 294 117 Holy Shadow → @warp pay_gld 318 294 SUNDAY 09:00~10:00 - Prontera Kriemhild → @warp prt_gld 131 65 Fadhgridh → @warp prt_gld 153 137 SUNDAY 23:00~24:00 - Schwartzvald Vidblainn → @warp sch_gld 98 187 MONDAY 09:00~10:00 - Arunafeltz Mardol → @warp aru_gld 157 272 It takes about 20 seconds to copy paste it all and even put it on Excel or something to make it look how you want it to. Not like I want to personally attack you or anything , I wanted to bump this post because it looks like a lot of people don't know where to go for WoE. Friendly reminder of what the coordinates are.
  6. Instead of limiting partnerships we could reduce the amount of points duoq people get. By duoq you're going to be getting more points than normal as you have someone to cooperate with AND at a faster rate. Limiting that by reducing their points by 1/3 or so could be a potential fix for that. However, my issue is that duoq still causes balancing issues between teams but any penalty they get I'm happy for
  7. Any news on this :c? im assuming it proved to be impossible or took more time than you wanted to put in to focus on other more pressing issues like balancing or something.
  8. 10q Perry I think that's good enough to combat the issue at hand but let's see how it goes. There's no one really playing woe so it may take some time
  9. you're too poor to see signatures my guy the good old days. being in both sides of the situation, i made fun of everyone for being stupid and not agreeing to how to woe LMAO
  10. I agree with vyra, as much as i thought i'd never say those words just like getting good at anything, swapping is all about getting good at it (and having the right ones for your playstyle). IT's also where the most tangible difference between players exist. I can recommend you have your keys organized, though. For example, a "tank magic swap" would be that you press ZXCV keys and now you're ready to go. Back to your "default swap" could be QWER keys and so on. At least that's what I used to do and worked plenty.
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