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  1. General resist cards on upper to your preference (note that WS get an innate resistance to fire) so you can balance it out with @checkresists with other resist cards. The Naga shield is vs melee, you can throw in a randgris card in your weapon (this is old so no need for incantation samurai as WS buffs no give the effect for FREE). To proc dispel on other melee folks. Solar sword is the meta with a sniper card to regain some HP and that life steal potion. You can swap different shield between Valkyrie shield (the high resists alone can help you regain the damage you take from mage class elements [fire/wind/water/earth/ghost]). As for mants, grab some glass bracers and place your standard resist cards (poison, ghost, earth, etc.). Long range resist is great as well. Basically, the WS gear is similar to LKs with the exception that the changes to their WS skills means they have a different weapon set/card combo required. Hope this helps!!
  2. With the new month coming up SOOOOON...and all those VIP boxes being handed out. Bump
  3. Or Sacred cape PM - I'll offer in DC and/or items
  4. Hey @Saikulicious pm me what time items and when you are usually on! (Though I see you mostly afk in town)
  5. Added +10 Hidden Quest HG (Lower) and updated the price on Bunny Band. Also I have gotten a Sacred Cape.
  6. Digging in the vault.... Cheaper in MC currency, standard in DC. I have multiple of the god belts, but only one Slip and Mjolnir. I'm looking for a Sacred Cape/Dark Knight Cloak randomly (received). Leave your in-game name and I'll pm you! Thanks God Str Belts = 40 mc / 3k dc Dex Belts = 40 mc / 3k dc Mjolnir = 40 mc / 3k dc Vit Belts = 40 mc / 3k dc Slipnier = 40 mc / 3k dc Assassin X Cards = 17 mc / 2.5k dc +10 Valk Manteau = 30 mc / 2.5k dc +8 Bunny Band (mid tier enchants) = 40 mc / 3k DC +10 Hidden Quest Lower = 25 mc / 2k dc +10 DC headgear = 45 mc / 4k dc sold