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  1. I must absolutely object. You don't have to be crazy to be a good farmer, all you need is a little bit of common sense and some research. Great guide by the way. Two thumbs up.
  2. Great update, can't wait to try the new equips. /no1
  3. Negative As it is, this is the biggest commodity that pits MC versus DC and BG tickets. The fact that Enchanting doesn't break your gear makes transfers unnecessary IMO. Just keep trying and if all else fails, there's always another GR party.
  4. False. Didn't even watch the film. The member after me likes walking in the rain.
  5. False. The member after me is into sports.
  6. True. Beef = Love The member after me likes Mr. Johnny Depp
  7. Adrasteia

    Pet Storage

    +1 Please? I can't bear to toss out any egg.
  8. I disagree. Though some do need recoloring in order to look good together. (And yeah, I''ve made recoloring requests to this end ^-^)
  9. -1 I adamantly disagree. I like my backpacks where they are. More Lower HG suggestions: Locket, Necktie One of my first characters wore Teddy Backpack + Newbie Wings and it took quite a few updates before I felt compelled to change as I quite like that combination. Even now, one of my main is wearing Teddy backpack.
  10. T_T Now I have to buy Kiel cards... Great guide BTW
  11. Hi LittleBunnie. Have fun in-game!
  12. Frankly, I like it as it is. Let those who want Vote Shop items vote. Aren't all players supposed to vote for the server anyway? If players have a surplus of Vote Points, isn't helping the server grow incentive enough for them to vote?
  13. Adrasteia

    Armor Tiers

    Pardon me, it seems I was laboring under several misconceptions. I was expecting Armor Enchantments to include gears other than headgear. I thought Armor Enchantments would work like Socket Enchantments (yes, changing the item ID) And yes the colored switches was about the IDs. And don't mind the first world comment, if it went over your head, it shouldn't bother you.