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  1. oh if we're going nostalgic here's my first ever RO screencap
  2. The last 2 mins of anomaly
  3. It's the power of the secrete squid
  4. Hey, welcome to the server! You can find the Job Master NPC to the right when you first enter Caspen ( @warp caspen 134 208 ) To the left of that is the server info board (@warp caspen 122 206) If you click on that you can take a tour of the main town at any point if you'd like a refresher on where certain NPCs may be located.
  5. Ravioli

    aRO BG !!

    Currently we are trying to host Battlegrounds on Saturdays at 19:00 server time (10:00am Sunday GMT+8) aka right after WoE ends! If any other times work best for you guys, don't hesitate to mention them here! I'd love to make BG times accessible for everyone, so if there are a few other recommended times, I can make a poll for us to decide ^^ Hope to see you guys there! :D
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    WillOwO Tree

    Because I do what I want, sir
  7. Ravioli

    WillOwO Tree

    uwu here is tree courtesy of my mouse