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  1. Internal issue: More or less, the active to afk ratio of people in-game. Considering on average, more than 80% of people are vendors and there's another chunk of people in-game that are just sitting in Caspen. External (personal) issue: Life happens.
  2. Welcome to the server Bestia, lots of helpful people around and lots of good resources here on the forums. Hope to see you in game!
  3. Welcome to the server, Dustin! This forum will have a lot of the basics and standards to get you started but if you ever need help there's a lot of people that are willing. :) I play HW/Prof but I'm trash so don't ask me for help. LMAO, welcome man.
  4. Might as well lol Hair is a lot shorter now but this was from earlier this year in New York *Edit* Felt cute; might delete later
  5. Lololol, thanks guys, I hope to see you guys in game!!
  6. Hello everyone! I'm fairly new to this server but have played since the original RO days. I've also played in other SHR servers in the past so not TOO new with the system. My IGN is the same as the forum so if you see me, make sure to say hi! Hope to meet you all soon~