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  1. Oh... that might have been my fault XD there was a Novice PVP Event by Simmy, and since i saw him , i thought he was going to join , so i told simmy he might be joining. That's why you got teleported there. As for the items , its in the storage due to that map's special mode.
  2. Beep

    Contracts Guide

    it seems this one isn't in the guide yet , for 'The Hoarder' contract
  3. IGN: Rixen Name or Nickname: Xenri Time Zone: GMT +7 (Indonesia) Job Class: High Priest / Soul Linker Online Times (Based on Server Time):8:00 - 12:00(server time) , 17:00 ~ 4:00 (may be busy) Discord Tag: Xenri#3764 About Me : A former player of inertia ~ and relatively have a lot of experience with the WoE. WIll accept advices fast... tho i can be a bit lazy sometimes.
  4. Beep

    Lots of crash

    For some reason, after i left it and afk for a while , it just worked again.. and i didn't change anything. I wonder if this is random crashes ?
  5. Beep

    Lots of crash

    crash_log.txt Suddenly a lot of crashes happened. Before the first one happened , i was just sitting at town talking to someone through whisper. First crash happened , tried to reopen and the crashes happen in 2 ways : 1. As soon as the .exe opens , insta-crash 2. As soon as you entered the ID & password and pressed enter/login , insta-crash
  6. IGN: Rixen Name or Nickname: People just call me Xen usually (from Xenri) Tell us about your self: Personally, I'd say i'm quiet and shy, so i won't talk much until i get more comfortable with new people :3 Class or classes you want to play: HP / Linker are the best classes that i could do Are you willing to fill for classes needed: Yes, but i'm not as good with other classes as the one above ^ Do you have Discord: Yep ~ although i might not be checking oftenly How active are you: Not too active since i'm usually playing other games.. but can online everyday if needed to (unless i'm outside). Monday - Friday : can only online starting at 9pm/10pm, can online a bit on 12pm ish Saturday - Sunday : 9am ~ 1am (haha) Timezone: GMT+7