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    Rollercoaster #gamesaver
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    Erollercoaster #newgamemode
  4. We already have a Gamble NPC though.... It's called the Enchantress. :3 P.S. STUPID TOM HAHAHAHAHA.
  5. Not a bad idea (totally unbiased coming from an MVPer)!!! I thought of this too from time to time when I'm on the aRO homepage!!
  6. I JUST SAW THIS. THANK YOU PERRY! You can take this down now lol.
  7. Hi peeps~ I was wondering if there is an existing collection/library/page/forum post that contains all sprite demos for headgear appearances? For example, rather than going to an NPC to try on every single headgear you might be interested for a preview can be a bit of a hassle IMO. So I was wondering if (if it doesn't exist already) I could suggest some sort of library collection of a character wearing the custom headgears for easy and quick reference. This could probably be a pinned forum post since that would be easier, rather than implementing it in the game itself. 🤞
  8. HMMMMMMMM SIREN I may or may not know you from DreamerRO, HAHAHA. hi.
  9. Let me rephrase my suggestion/request: Any offensive skills that do damage (e.g. Crimson/Dragon Fire Formation, Falling Ice Pillar, Lightning Crash, and North Wind) would be a bit more compliant. Most (maybe all) skills that require a catalyst (e.g. gemstones) are either passive/defensive and would do no calculative harm. So passive/status effect skills (like the Water Escape Technique) would require an Elemental Stone. I also did consider other skills that would require other items such as Cobwebs and Traps but I personally think those skills and within their classes have fairly been balanced over the years. I'm just trying to compare the skill flexibility/usability to HWs to buffer a more playable class!
  10. Hi friends and non-friends (you know who u are lol jk), I'd like to suggest an idea for the Ninja class to have similar ammunition functionality as Bow-class players do with the ELEMENTAL STONES (e.g. Flame, Ice, Wind). Pls & ty. <3
  11. **EDIT** Problem has been resolved!! I just had to reinstall my NVIDIA GeForce Experience app! _ _ Halp. :( Didn't have this issue until now! Everything else is always updated and never had the program blocked or any of that sort.
  12. HEY IM PST TOO! Hihi~ I started less than a month ago and learned a lotsssss. Plenty of helpful people in this server with whatever you may need help with!! I would say MVP and BG have the biggest popularity in this server. I'm not sure if the server itself is gaining enough popularity (GO VOTE) for WoE but other than that, the people are okay (LOL JK). Welcome to the commoonitee~
  13. YOOJ I actually saw this the day you posted it but never bothered to comment until now. HAHAHAH, ur just as gr8 as goku but not better than jus10
  14. SANKQ PERRI Your hard work is appreciated 🙃