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  1. Omen

    Definitely Macroing

    I used to feel the exact same way. The main reason I use it nowadays is so I can see which walls I can use skills over which sometimes is not very clear otherwise. The same can be said for walk-able areas. I would often find myself walking and bumping into things that seem like you should be able to walk over like little rocky edges and whatnot. That said, I've left most of the maps in-game untouched besides WoE/Battlegrounds maps and a few others because I do enjoy experiencing RO for what it is. I highly recommend using greymaps though. It takes some getting used to as you no longer have landmarks to recognize which direction you need to go, but once you have the maps memorized just by the shape of things, it helps tremendously with skill placements and navigating your character into nooks and crannies and behind what would otherwise be annoying landmarks such as stone columns, trees, and high walls etc.
  2. Omen

    Definitely Macroing

    Decided to release a bunch of unlisted videos of various classes played over my time here. Old School Wizard+Creo Wizard Professor Priest+Lord Knight Creator
  3. Omen

    Guild Cap Change

    The problem with having a poll and no discussion is that any server utilizing that method would have its priorities, balancing, and suggestions swayed by the most heavily populated guild, which has always been THW (and its variants) on AnomalyRO. Seems an easy way to quell any opposition by saying hey, let's all get on and vote this down instead of having a discussion on the merits or flaws of a suggestion. At the end of the day, people want to win. Were your core members not already geared and established here from either playing over an extended length of time or WoEing in what has been the largest guild, you'd have an even harder time participating in WoE as your guildies would lack high end MvP cards, god items, and BG gears. Unless your guild is filled with players willing to donate hundreds in order to quickly establish themselves, you're left with a BG and Dead Branch grind that not all your players may have time to quickly invest. Joining a guild with established players or a large number of players is then your best bet as you can all help each other to quickly gear. Why then leave the guild and friends that helped you get established on the server? A long while back there was a guild called Undecided(?) that attempted to WoE as an entirely new guild with very little establishment. They ran into these problems in that they not only lacked gears, but also the man power to even attempt to WoE. They simply got ran over every GvG without any real way to fight back. You say you "feel" it won't without actually stating a reason why other than "Anyone who has WoE'd recently can see that." Having WoE'd recently and in the past, what I've seen is that whenever a guild has over 2x the number of any other guild participating, the odds of the smaller guilds being successful drop dramatically to the point where you require a miracle of circumstances to win. Funnily enough, the main argument in the past was to "just invite more players". Unless you mean to be successful with a roster of 10 vs 28+, lowering the guild cap would lower the barrier to entry as you'd have less players to gear up and less of a headache trying to fill a 28-man roster. If you can show me proof that a 10-man roster can compete with a 36-man roster consistently, then saying everyone should just create more guilds thereby splitting what population remains to create more competition makes zero sense. That isn't more competition; it's more fodder for larger guilds to run over. Maybe I'm reaching here, but I'm going to assume that by the time your guild can consistently hold multiple main castles that you will have equaled out in numbers to the other guilds. If that's the case, and that it's also true the number of active WoE goers has dropped to where the biggest guilds only consistently have 18-20 players active, then how does lowering the guild cap hurt the WoE scene? I hadn't read the second page and didn't realize a lot of what I was going to say is stated in Perry's post. Derp.
  4. Omen


    Do you have AutoHotKey running or nodelay sprites in your grf? The server detects those and will temp ban you on login. I think it also escalates the length for each occurrence.
  5. Omen


    Welcome to the server!
  6. Omen

    Guild Cap Change

    Thinking about it more, perhaps it should be reduced regardless? People are going to create 2nd guilds either way just to have more people in WoE and reducing the maximum size of guilds would mean less of an advantage with the number of players that could flag in as well as the number of players that could be e-called at once as well. I think it'd still be a positive change for smaller and new up and coming guilds in the end.
  7. Omen

    Guild Cap Change

    +1 to smaller guilds. There'd need to be rules about forming alliances in WoE if that came to pass though. Else you'll see players form 2 guilds that woe with each other as they already have and I am unsure how best to deal with that.
  8. I always found it odd that speed pots were a thing here to be honest as it does indeed promote simply rushing through to the Emperium and also giving anyone willing to farm or pay for them a fairly significant advantage in BG though I've only seen maybe 2 players actually using them in BG in all the time playing here, so I never felt like bringing it up as it was such a small % of encounters. Regardless, it does feel incredibly cheap to have someone speed pot up to you Also, I'm fairly certain this would require a client mod as the usual way to change the look of statuses does not work for it, but could we also put Berserk as something to maybe implement a look for when effects are off? It'd be a huge quality of life change for both Professors and Lord Knights both when fighting them and when they're in party with you. (no more "dp pls" chatrooms once people got used to seeing it)
  9. That sounds like a good step in the right direction! That's exactly what I had in mind! Sounds good to me.
  10. I think that problem has more to do with LK/Paladin being so much faster than everyone else than it is because of web, though. If LK/Pala are put more in line with other classes in that regard, then the necessity for Spider Web being the only counter doesn't matter as much. It'd mean you wouldn't feel as helpless going into Stone Control/Capture the Flag as another class instead of Professor/LK/Pala. I'm sure everyone has run into the problem of having no Professor on their team before and just having a slew of LK/Paladin walk in and steal all the Flags/Stones. It's also the reason I pointed out LK/Paladin being desired over Whitesmith in most if not all the game modes and why I suggested buffing the Clown/Gypsy single target cc in the form of Pang Voice/Wink of Charm. As of now, Stone Control/Capture the Flag defense is unassailable unless you're a LK/Paladin and even then they require the support of a Wizard/Professor to remove the endless webs. These 4 classes are so powerful in this regard they warp the meta to the point where it is noticeably detrimental to not have 1 or more of each on your team at all times. Having cycled through Gunslinger/High Priest/Sinx/Paladin/Lord Knight/Wizard/Professor/Creator/Stalker in BG, I always find myself gravitating towards Wizard/Professor/Lord Knight after even 1 cycle of BG modes because their strengths in order to counter each other are a necessity. This simply means less class viability overall. To further add onto class viability in BG, something I noticed as being entirely too powerful was the use of Kyrie Eleison when priesting for the Lodestar achieve. I could reapply KE endlessly to a teammate or myself in order to make us immune to multiple physical classes at the same time. What this means is that your need for Mage classes is again enforced because physical classes are rather useless in the face of KE. Its strength can be seen in the pvp event here where two of the stronger single target physical classes in the game were unable to break through. To be fair though, improper utilization of the Champion kit was more the reason here ( though proper preparation by the Priest and LK would've probably resulted in a win regardless) and they were rather fortunate to have a Champion instead of any other physical class. Regardless, I imagine the Priest and Lord Knight combo could have taken on 5-6 physical classes (excepting Champion) all at once in a BG setting where they cannot be split from each other by knockbacks. When priests are in BG, classes like Star Glad, Whitesmith, Bow/Physical Stalker, Champion (to a degree), and Gunslinger all suffer immensely by not being able to put forth meaningful dps or any dps at all. A nerf to KE wouldn't hurt priest as bad vs Star Glad, Champion, Bow Stalker, or Gunslinger as you still have access to Pneuma, but it'd go a long way towards those classes feeling like you can't do much at all in mobile skirmishes with a priest on the other team. I didn't mention Sniper and Lord Knight because they are still able to defend and capture objectives, but it would be a slight buff to them as well. While I think Priest as a support only class should be strong in supporting, completely nullifying all the physical classes on a team is probably a bit too much. That's just my opinion though.
  11. I'm piggybacking off this topic specifically and adding more I think the reason a lot of classes aren't as viable in BG is due to their utility and mobility or lack thereof. When it comes to a match like Stone Control or Capture the Flag and even Triple Inferno, a Lord Knight is significantly more impactful than a Whitesmith because of its movement speed. The combo of a Lord Knight/Paladin+Professor on a team during SC/CtF/TI is too strong to warrant using a Whitesmith in place of LK/Pala. Sure, a Whitesmith can remove webs by recasting cart boost, but so can a Paladin with Gospel. Regardless, a Professor will simply web you again. In the end, this means the constantly higher move speed of a LK/Pala trumps what a Whitesmith (and many other classes) is bringing to the table in objective based modes. This is especially true after grabbing a flag or stone as you will be skill locked meaning the bonus +10 additive speed boost from Cart Boost will fall off long before you make it back. What this means is that a Whitesmith is probably better on defense where the throw tomahawk speed debuff is actually decent for slowing down objective carriers as it also goes through GTB. The problem is that a lord knight with headgear switches for spiral pierce will perform the same job better even with the nerfed Spiral Pierce. I think the points about Professor with Spider Web and what used to be Lord Knights with Spiral Pierce before it was nerfed ties into why so many classes are less popular in BG. Either you can grab objectives like a Lord Knight/Paladin or you can defend objectives like a Sniper/Professor. Gunslingers are fine in WoE where a properly supported Desperado is likely the highest DPS skill in the game. In BG, though, their lack of traps like a sniper leaves them lacking in Stone Control and Capture the Flag. 2 of the remaining modes Rush and Conquest are arguably still in a Sniper's favor because of traps and relying on your teammates to do the majority of DPS. This leaves TDM and Triple Inferno (which is generally skipped over) where Gunslingers might excel over a Sniper. While Clown and Gypsy buffs are quite potent, they still require you to keep up with whoever you're giving the buffs to. This is probably why we haven't seen much Dissonance use in WoE as it requires you to almost suicide yourself to get in range. A Drum on the Battlefield is also clunky to use with melee DPS as Lord Knights and Whitesmiths walk significantly faster and even more so if you're trying to keep the song on them as you will be forced to constantly cancel the song and reposition in order to apply it. Perhaps all ensemble skills should allow movement like the solo songs. Keeping the other songs on your intended targets now that they don't persist is clunky without link regardless. Something else to note is how heavily you invest into certain stats in order to make songs acceptably potent. If we take a look at Assassin Cross of Sunset, Loki's Veil, Please Don't Forget Me, and the physical portion of A Whistle, you have to invest heavily into AGI to make good use of these skills. As it stands, you'd be better off investing into DEX/INT so your marionette control and damage are still strong while also buffing arguably more impactful songs. Maybe all of the songs should have a base % that is then increased by your stats kind of like how songs originally were. This would allow you to still specialize in a specific song or two while not completely neutering the effectiveness of other songs. A tweaking to Pang Voice and Wink of Charm in order to make the confusion irresistible, bypass gtb (if it doesn't already) and its duration not able to be reduced while adding a cool down so it couldn't be applied to multiple players could be a push in the right direction towards making Clown/Gypsy (especially clown as it lacks PDFM/Lullaby) more viable in BG. It'd give them stronger objective control while not being obnoxiously overpowered like Spider Web. It probably sounds like I'm beating a dead horse, but Spider Web as a skill overshadows the utility of most classes in BG. Back when there were complaints about Spiral Pierce lock and that it needed nerfing, I had been maining Professor and wondered why no one wasn't also complaining about it as well. Spiral Pierce before the 2nd round of nerfs performed the same job Spider Web does now except Spiral Pierce allowed far less time to use other skills. It's hard to argue over why you'd use many classes over another Professor in BG when looking at their strengths. You have a skill which is essentially a player targeted Ankle Snare that can lock up to 3 players at once and only Whitesmith, Wizard, Paladin, and Professor, off the top of my head, have a means to deal with it. It's probably also no surprise that the latter 3 are some of the most heavily played in BG as well. This means with 1 skill alone a Professor has utility that trumps Decrease Agility, Throw Tomahawk, Spiral Pierce, Ankle Snare, Water Escape, PDFM, Lullaby, and basically any other movement speed debuff in the game before you even account for the rest of its skills. Why slow someone down when you can lock them in place indefinitely? This means Professor is the best class to have on your team in Stone Control, Capture the Flag, and Triple Inferno as both a defensive class and one of the top offensive classes while still being in the top 2-3 in the rest of the game modes when you account for their extreme single target dps, Dispel, Wall of Fog, and Land Protector. Anyway, these are just thoughts coming from a player that has cycled through most classes in BG at one point or another and there's tons more I have to add for a few other classes that I don't have time for right now. I'd like to hear what others think about trying to improve the meta for the less played classes.
  12. True, but only in your dreams (which you don't remember) The member below me likes Honey Bunches of Oats w/Almonds.
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    Where Was I?

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