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  1. Sunat

    S>MCs = anything

    Just a show off trying to get attention. We get you bro
  2. Donation Ticket at 2 Silver Coins Kiel Card at 6 Mithril Coins +10 Valkyrie at 40 Mithril Coins
  3. S> +10 valk man (garment) a/w 2500dt +10 twin clover (quest headgear) a/w 1500 dt
  4. Sunat

    End game EQ

    Thank you! Maybe you can make an official page to help with newcomer
  5. Sunat

    End game EQ

    kindhearted busybody
  6. Sunat

    End game EQ

    Yūji I don’t understand what is your point of your post. This is a request segment. If people doesn’t want to do it then so be it. No point posting unnecessary comment. TYVM and mind your own business.
  7. Sunat

    End game EQ

    Requesting for end game EQ with all swapable gears for all classes.