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  1. Ah it isn't called Arrow Repel for me, it is called Charged Arrow. :D thats why I couldnt find it haha..or I think that is what it is xD
  2. About Snipers..What do you mean by Stagger lock and Repel Arrow? Cause I can't find what it is in game xD
  3. -Wishes there was a Favourite button- or a Like button I'd like the hell outta this thread :O
  4. Does the link still need to be updated or is discord being a butt where it only works for some people? ><;
  5. Thank you all for the welcomed either though some of you I have met already <3 You guys are so great!
  6. Hey there! Ah I newish to the server by a few months. I joined because I missed playing RO, which I have been having a On and off interest in it..I've played it years ago when the Original RO was still free to play then turned into P2P (Pay to Play), I played as a Priestes called (if I remember the name right, it was either) Princess Hikaru, or Princess Angel. (I used the name Angel alot, and if it was Taken I's still use it but in different ways..Give Angel a Last name and so on) but once the Original RO turned into P2P, I turned my sights to Private servers thanks to my cousin who suggested them to me. And I liked how we didn't have to do the long ass lvl grinding and having to do the job quests to change jobs. And so I got into private servers, I'd name them..but I can't remember them all XD. When some of them 'died' I found others, I did for some time run my own RO servers. They lasted for some time, but over time they also had to be shut down. I would name the servers I had, but I doubt anyone would know of them since they weren't popular lol. I use to be really well versed in RO related topics..but since I hadn't touched it in Years on years, the knowledge I once had kinda slipped away.. Umm...I'm kind of a Open book really, if you want to know anything about me...I'll tell you..as long as it isn't too personal..but anyways here is a bit about me: I live in Australia, born and raised here. My name is Emily, you can call me Emi though :) My age.. It';s a secret ;) (Some of you already know my age... xD ) I am a female I am single I have a older sister. I live by myself (though my dad owns the house so he usually pops in from time to time..) I have 2 dogs, Molly and Kia. My Mum and Step dad have a dog called Molly. And sister has a dog called Buffy. I am addicted to Anime, Manga and Webtoons. I love reading Fantasy type books Love Watching and Listening to Scary/creepy stories (and Horror Films sometimes) Fave Colours are: Blue and Purple. (I actually like any colour but those two are mt faves) I don't know what else to say really...if you want to know something about me...Just ask and I will answer. haha But it is great to meet all of you guys and Gals! Hope to run into you in game if I havent already <3
  7. Hey there guys! I am ChibiEmii, though in-game I am LadyAngel. So I am going to just jump right in and say what I want to say. I noticed that there was no Discord server for this great RO Server, well no offical discord that is...So myself and two others, have created a Un-Offical discord server for AnomalyRO. (All members are allowed to join~) We do hope you guys will come join us~ Here is the invite: https://discord.gg/VatfZPg We promise to try to be active as possible~ Make sure to read the rules in #da-rules and all should be good ;)
  8. What Stats would one Suggest for Sniper?