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    When goin up againts wiz/prof at pvp Go thana bait xD Vs Creo on BG and WOE don't go 100% neutral resist, go 99% if possible lol just so u can keep the Hit animation also try to kite alittle to sell it better (use in moderation, may backfire) xD
  2. Elixirs description says 5 minutes but its shows 10 minutes on buff icon
  3. Would the pet still snitch on you when you have low health? btw nice update XD
  4. Why I don’t regret playing Ragnarok Online. I spent three years of my life, from 2005 to 2007, playing Ragnarok. I vanquished demons, conquered castles and discovered treasures. I also screwed up my grades, pissed off my parents and spent an embarrassing amount of money on Level Up! prepaid cards. I finally quit Ragnarok early in 2008 partially out of disgust for all the time and money I sank into it. I thought I would never look back. But the years have only reminded me of how much fun I had. Seven years later and I’m surprised by how much I miss it. Down the rabbit hole For a high school student facing dreary algebra lessons, RO was heaven-sent. It was far from a perfect game. The story was a bland hodgepodge of East Asian and Scandinavian mythology. To this day I’m still not sure what the plot was about. The grind of leveling was horrific. I spent many hours in lonely dungeons killing monsters for tiny amounts of XP. But the massive online world of Rune-Midgard made Ragnarok worth it. Being able to play with your friends and thousands of others on the Internet was new and exciting. I had played video games before but never in a universe as big as this one. I was what players called a “Vit Knight,” a knight whose stats were concentrated in vitality and strength. My role was to soak up the damage from monsters while my more fragile comrades set up their attacks. My avatar was built like a refrigerator. I had an HP of just a little over 20,000 and enough armor to shrug off most attacks with ease. I strutted around the world like a professional wrestler, flexing my virtual muscles and showing off for all the pretty maidens (who, now that I think about it, were probably men). It felt good to be powerful, stronger and faster than I could ever be. That’s what video games sell you: the ability to crawl into someone else’s skin and become more than who you are. In RO, I could slay High Orcs en masse and brush off the blows of even the mightiest foes. And with that feeling came the desire to constantly be better. Competition was fierce. To be on top of your game you had to put in the time. That meant long nights of training, searching for rare items and hunting bosses. It was a full-time job. Major problem These were the days of dial-up, when the Internet would disconnect if someone called on the phone and you had to run to the local Ministop if your prepaid card ran out. Lag was a major problem. A slow Internet connection would literally kill you. In fact, the primary reason why I chose to play as a Vit Knight was because my Internet was so slow. Even if the game lagged for 10 seconds, my character would still be alive. Spell-intensive classes such as Wizards and Priests were impossible for my spotty connection. To avoid the slowdown during peak hours, I stayed up until the wee hours of the night to take advantage of faster speeds. Rune-Midgard was a living, breathing world. Contrary to stereotypes, the population was diverse. Young and old, rich and poor, men and women and “jejemon” and “coño” all played RO. I met lawyers, doctors, teachers and businessmen. The game crossed social and economic boundaries. It had a complex in-game economy. The crowded streets of the capital city Prontera teemed with merchants selling everything from pets to Poring hats. I even tried my hand at selling potions, only to be priced out by my more business-savvy competitors. Just like the real world, RO had an elite upper class. Powerful guilds like Steel Wolves, Untouchables and Armada, whose names were only spoken in hushed whispers, ruled above all. They were all level 99. They owned incredibly rare items and hung out exclusively with each other. Some of the elite players even had their own groupies. But people found loopholes. “Botting,” or using a third-party program to train your character or search for rare items, was rampant. There was a black market where you could buy virtual items for real money. I enjoyed getting lost in that world. RO was strange but beautiful. Real life had homework, organic chemistry and trinomials. Brotherhood My friends and I formed a guild we called “Foxhound” after the special forces unit in the video game series Metal Gear Solid. We had a Priest, a Wizard, four Knights, two Hunters, two Assassins, a Rogue and a Blacksmith. Joining forces, we quickly made our mark on the world. Our first boss battle was with the Golden Thief Bug down in the sewers of Prontera. There we were, a bunch of lowly noobs taking on the insect and its minions. It took all of us that day to bring down the bug. Emboldened by this victory, we would go on to face bigger bosses such as Orc Hero, Eddga and even Baphomet himself. We were a well-oiled machine. Each team member knew precisely what his role was. We were certain we could depend on each other. If one team member was in trouble, we would rush to his defense. If someone needed a tank or a party, someone would step up. Friendships were forged in the heat of battle. In fact, many of my former guild mates are still some of my closest friends today. Our finest moment by far was capturing an “agit,” or castle. I don’t remember much about that day. The lag was so bad that I didn’t know what was going on half the time. But our ambition helped carry us through. We somehow managed to break the Emperium and win the day. It was pure dumb luck and it was glorious. It didn’t last long. Pretty soon another guild had wrested it from our grasp. But for a brief moment, we were kings. Looking back I don’t have much to show for playing Ragnarok. My character has long since been lost. All the hours I spent training have gone out the window. All the glorious loot I accumulated, my Boy’s Cap, Elven Ears and +9 quadruple bloody pike now exist only as 1s and 0s on some lonely server. But the memories and friendships remain and they are worth keeping. I’ll never play Ragnarok again. I can no longer afford the investment of time and money that it requires. Nonetheless, I will look back fondly to a time when things were simpler, dreams were bigger and the weight of the world didn’t seem so heavy. A wise man once said, “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” Playing the game put a smile on my face and that’s all that matters. The author is a freelance writer based in San Diego, California, who covers technology, travel and film. In his spare time, he enjoys going on poorly planned road trips and eating greasy food. This article first appeared in WheninManila.com on July 20.
  5. Let us stay in BG queue please, while playin at Unranked pvp :D its unranked so i think its ok? i guess? hehe
  6. Sir Jimmy here with my fav Players. Lord Knights Uriel - My first thought seeing Uriel at BG was his a free kill judging by his headgears, i was like "who is this pleb, coming in here with that weak asz gears? U dead boi!" man I was wrong. After that i tried to mimic his play style. I tried. Yuji - Brandish speared an Entire Guild to death, yep he did. Yuji's play might have been my most replayed clip of all recorded woe upto now :D and he has a sexy donate headgear thats +10 Pineapple - Hates Drugs. Hanzei - Goibne's set FTW! Snipers Borrum - Another player I thought would be a free kill. Never landed a single bowling bash on him upto this day. And btw dont think that he only knows how to sniper, with the knowledge he has on other classes im sure he will do just as good. Bagel - I Always land a bowling bash on this one XD but he must be the most tanky sniper ive come across in BG. knows his role very well and doesnt focus on kills unless he sees Ray. Athlea - New to the server, but can already compete at BG that you'd think shes a server vet. Chirion - I dont know if his trolling or what, hehe. Sometimes he will just keep on kite trap me without dishing damage. But then when he likes it he drops everybody. High Wizards Ray - has best character movement and skill placement in the game imo Borrum is very very very close 2nd. Am not saying other parts of Ray's game is weak, its just that I can't even get near him to evaluate/witness other parts of his game. He knows the class very well, Made/has like 4 wizard class on his account maybe more :D Nicksuo - His Wiz and Prof Defends side castles ALONE and most of the time is successful. Also a monster at BG. I tried to 1v1 him with my sinx but no luck, I was the one doin the kiting :( Treec - Always makes good calls in woe. Dont know if he was a previous guild leader or playmaker, but im sure if the other leads are absent during woe. He has the skills to take charge, If he wants to tho. XD Eroll - Bg monster Kratos - nuke Creators Grime - Reflect Dispell build, and uses bolts. Big hit to your teams chance of winning BG if his at the opposing side Symphonia - Objective focus creo. But her Acid demo hits hard even tho im wearing anti neutral gears and high mdef. Lucky Charm - Dont be fooled by the cuteness of her character, she deals massive damage Greg - Jamalamadingdong XD Whitesmiths Grandpa - Me and Hanz studied/observed his WS, gamps made us want to be WS. Hanz beat me to it and won't allow me to WS XD. Objectice focused WS but will drop you if he wanted. Also brings his play making capability at BG and will enlighten you and won't hesitate to call you out on you negatives, in turn making you learn the mistakes in your ways. I ride pecopeco now. HanzSmith - Cheap Azz lowballing whitesmith always asking for 90% discount from me T_T Special mention, that whitesmith with balloons and poring top headgear was it hermes? Sorry i forgot cause when i see those balloons my play is to run away lol, only faced him once at BG but man he can really Deal damage. Paladins Angelina - we all know how much of a bad match up LK vs Pally Is. But she can REALLY utilize this advantage againts me than other pallies at BG, made me think of Ralphies Pvp pally build that sparred with both me and hanz at the same time and still won. Speaking of Ralphie. Scourge - Legend. His switching game is insane, its like he knows what element im going to use next XD armor or weapon. Gurglao - Shadow + Greg and maybe Tsok lurking with em, last minute? = Castle XD. Gregs really knows crucial devo targets depending on situation and is not restricted to assigned devo targets Alabaster - Better think of a way to slow her down or BG would be over quick Special mention, Jadi and Ponch both really good pallies. Professors Prof ming - Vroom! Fastest prof hands down Jk :D out of all the prof i have faced he might have the most devastating bolts, even if I SP sap him he still hits hard. And that flick of the wrist on those webs, on point. Nicksuo - Not afraid to peak an entire enemy guild on the next portal ALONE and can even take down key targets while his at it and still remain alive after the encounter. The balls of this guy is immeasurable. High Priests Franklin Richards - Actually i can put him on all Class here, his just that good/knowledgable of the game, even won a pvp event being one of the primary damage dealers, as a Priest...... Taught me most about the server and is always approachable and will help you with your character, would even send you links about the game to study. I was SO lucky he came across me in my first few hours in the server, he put his trust on a newbie like me and adopted me to NBH. After few hours in the server and im already going to woe! What!? He was confident about me and the other new recruit that i also believed that, yes! i could compete againts Sleeping Animals and Dynamic Divas. We lost but we had fun and that was a great welcome for me to the server. The NBH guild really taught me how to play RO the right way, just like what the Guild/sherwin had advertised. from then on stayed to anomaly... Decrease agi OP, nerf please Pyxis & Charmy - Bully Priests, always Bully my LK and Hanz + emotes. :( both really reliable, their pneuma and heals saved me sooo many times already. And you dont need to ask em for support cause its like reflex for em. Rozzy Priest - BG playmaker and very very good support. Stalkers Buglogi? - How is he so tanky even tho i see him usin Bow type weapon? must be another switching master XD Cancer - WOE lone wolf badazz ninja, his like that ninja in an anime just lurking in the shadows, doin recon and will strike when needed. Gunslingers Sherwin - Not usin his GS anymore but it was such a sight when he was dropping pallies in woe. Gol D - Very Good at kiting/movement deals Heavy Damage. Very hard to get a kill in 2 v 1 situations when he is partnered with Anyone. Stargladiator Sato - the only stargladiator i ever faced in the server. But whats up with those Flying side kicks of his? It really hurts!! Champion (most of em at pvp so i dont see em much on BG) Finger goes pew pew - pally lite Soul Linkers Buckets - the one who really mained SL that i know :D Assassin Cross Neo *drops mic*