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  1. Pierre2

    State of WoE

    Hello, What is the point of this post? I started as a newbie, I am one of the core members of X-Men. We joined WOE and there was 5 of us (2 geared and 3 of us are on budget builds). I admit I became a competitive type of player in woe because of the challenge in getting a castle. I got geared because I made friends in game who helped me. We were able to get castles because of teamwork. X-Men became active because most are busy with their lives some at school and some at work. You just need to build friendship to earn trust in game and not by recruiting randomly then gearing them up because they didn't work hard for it and that will lead to the player leaving the server. Players needed to exert time and effort + commitment in playing a game. FYI, most X-Men members got geared because we usually start Gold Room parties that lasted for hours. As individuals, we join gr if there's chance that when we started to gear up.
  2. Ign: Pierre Description: Since it's Christmas, I would be greeting a Merry Christmas to all players on Anomaly! 🎅