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  1. ohhhhhh weeeeee.........
  2. dirtysin

    aRO BG !!

    we can try... ^_^
  3. thank u very much for yr sacrifice & commitment to the server, that many are still able to enjoy the game... 👍
  4. @TTTWWW its ok, i knew this day would come somehow finally... thanks! @Perry the Platypus
  5. LOL...i think that was me asking for the sake of pasta, for some xmas hg quest back then. and thanks again for that! xD
  6. the black snow cap should be 100 black bear skin item id # 7161 and the cyan snow cap should be 200 blue hair item id # 1034
  7. thank you very much for your effort in writing this guide, really appreciate it! 🙏 *thats the most annoying stalker in the entire Anomaly RO so far! >.<"
  8. nice guide...thx for sharing! 👍
  9. dirtysin

    aRO BG Event

    thx for the bg gathering... ❤️
  10. dirtysin

    aRO BG Event

    done... & nice one @shin ☺️
  11. O.O??? idk what to say abt this... LOL
  12. dirtysin

    Champ @lhz_dun04

    this is how i champ @lhz_dun04, the dirty way... 1 berry = 1 kill 😝
  13. @Perry the Platypus thx for reminding abt the Bloody Rod, which gives 20% reflected dmg reduction.
  14. i dont really knw how to play SL, but this guide seems very nice. i mite wana try out later. @Bob if its not too much to ask, can u also pls upload a short vid of yr SL farming on lhz_dun04? thx... xD
  15. hai there....hope to meet in game and welcome to Anomaly RO!
  16. will0w0w tree with0w0ut its branches? 👉 drawing d0w0ne by @Ravioli
  17. hi @v003... welcome to the server, we shall be seeing u around!
  18. @Naze Ralte if possible, please give it another try. if u successfully downloaded the full client, u should be able to find an application named "aRO Network Diagnostics.exe". i suggest that u try to double click to run it, & wait till the diagnosis scan is completed. then u may send the result via forum message directly to our admin @Perry the Platypus. maybe then he might be able to attend to your issue ASAP & accordingly based on the details given by the diagnosis report. i hope that your client can be fix & that u will be able to enjoy the game with us.
  19. yes... Grey map, because i play bg like Fifty Shades of Grey
  20. dirtysin

    Duo Partner Thread

    hi all, i'm looking for partner in crime for BG, trying to hv a better tag team combos on dmg or support throughout the gameplay. Name: dirty_____(IGN) Classes: I'm mostly on my LK, HP or WS in BG Contact: can pm me in game(i'll be afking in caspen mostly) Availability: just try to pm me & i shall reply if i'm available  About myself: i'm not pro thou, so pls don't expect too much from me. i'm just an average player who wanna experience more & hv some fun. i'm not fanatic on KDA, so win/lose doesn't bother me that much. the idea is to enjoy the gameplay as partners in crime, that's the goal of this duo to me! 😉 @shin thx for bringing up this post! 🙏
  21. hi...welcome to Anomaly RO!