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  1. will0w0w tree with0w0ut its branches? 👉 drawing d0w0ne by @Ravioli
  2. hi @v003... welcome to the server, we shall be seeing u around!
  3. @Naze Ralte if possible, please give it another try. if u successfully downloaded the full client, u should be able to find an application named "aRO Network Diagnostics.exe". i suggest that u try to double click to run it, & wait till the diagnosis scan is completed. then u may send the result via forum message directly to our admin @Perry the Platypus. maybe then he might be able to attend to your issue ASAP & accordingly based on the details given by the diagnosis report. i hope that your client can be fix & that u will be able to enjoy the game with us.
  4. yes... Grey map, because i play bg like Fifty Shades of Grey
  5. dirtysin

    Duo Partner Thread

    hi all, i'm looking for partner in crime for BG, trying to hv a better tag team combos on dmg or support throughout the gameplay. Name: dirty_____(IGN) Classes: I'm mostly on my LK, HP or WS in BG Contact: can pm me in game(i'll be afking in caspen mostly) Availability: just try to pm me & i shall reply if i'm available  About myself: i'm not pro thou, so pls don't expect too much from me. i'm just an average player who wanna experience more & hv some fun. i'm not fanatic on KDA, so win/lose doesn't bother me that much. the idea is to enjoy the gameplay as partners in crime, that's the goal of this duo to me! 😉 @shin thx for bringing up this post! 🙏
  6. hi...welcome to Anomaly RO!
  7. @Seraphina just a minor error on the id, it supposed to be 👉 7340. btw, thx for the nice guide thou.
  8. hi @Chikunia welcome to the server, hope u enjoy it & i'll see u around!
  9. @Perry the Platypus thank u so much for yr precious time & efforts on the new updates... 🙏
  10. here are some names of my fav classes that i met... Sniper: Borrum: the best of the BEST sniper so far on this server, my idol(with the pirate outfit)... ❤️ Bagel: another skillful sniper i met, but doesn't online much these days (only online to disguise & trolling as a baby orc nowadays)  High Wizard: Nathaniel gRAY(old name) or Gandalf(new name): this guy has tons of mages chars, very good at repositioning and really knows how to escape(like a sinx/stalker). u won't see him coming if u don't hv maya purple/box of sunlight. i hv to keep my sight/ruwach up when i'm facing him. he also HELP me in some of my builds for bg/woe when i just joined this server(last year), so... thx alot Ray! 🙏 Shaka Zulu: the mysterious guy aka the shaka laka boom boom with blue hair & all black outfit. (pls don't banned me, thank u! xD) Lord Knight: Uriel: (i'm still learning from him...) Sir Jimmy: LOL...the joint beater who enjoy torturing his victims by breaking their kneecaps before trying to kill them, so pls beware & watch out guys! LOL Pineapple Express: this guy... i hv to regroup with frens to gang on him most of the time, bcoz he's such a huge pain in d S when 1v1 on him. he's supertanky & hv sticky finger on his spiralsss(very GAY LOL deadly)~ Yuji: help me out with a better build on my LK long time ago, thx! 🙏 Paladin: Alabaster: alwez on a hurry like the roadrunner in the cartoon "beep beep", just sprint off like a spring in bg & keep running for objective mostly. but sadly i don't see this pally anymore nowadays. (RIP my idol & my personal fashionista , i even copy the look in loving ❤️ memory of this pally LOL) Jadi Sayang: devo devo devo and super duper tanky, so don't waste your precious time trying so hard just to kill him. this guys HELP me alot when i was a newbie, thx alot Jadi! ❤️ Professor: Aeryn Winter: idk how to say this...basically she just spider web bweb web bweb, then bolts x 9999999! =.=" (please kill this bish for me when u see her, thank u!) *thx alot rozzy for making me a better & tankier HP! ❤️ Assassin Cross: Dirk: idk much abt this guy...seems to me like Jimmy's BFF lol, used to alwez afk waiting for bg to start. but i don't see him anymo nowadays. Eugeo: this guy has tons of sinxes, too many to name them all. also taught me a little on how to play this class...THANKS! 🙏 Flaming Flamingo: pvp orientated(i don't see him around anymo, used to see him in BG & PVP). Sebaz: emp breaker(Silm) Gianis Anteto(sry idk how to spell the name lol): emp breaker(THW) Stalker: Sceadunga(sorry idk how to spell the name lol): annoying backstabber(again...with the pirate outfit), hurts alot. also very annoying to chase after him, make u wasting of yr time by doing so. High Priests: Franklin Richard: the golden HP who is super tanky, tankier than most of the HP that i know. but i don't see this hp around anymo these day...(RIP) LOL also my former guild leader on X-MEN, who help & guide me alot when i just joined this server. thx Sherwin! 🙏 Seuvy: i miss this purple HP...RIP Angel Cake: very supportive, nice to hv her on my team. Champion: Erin Palm Strike: pvp orientated, hoping to learn champ from him someday... Whitesmith: Grandpa: the white bunny & master of the class...alwez going for the kills(mostly) o.o" (1 of the mentor that i alwez lookup to when i'm having doubts) *thx alot sooby! 🙏 Creos: Grime: aka grime.exe (thats what some ppl & i called him) because he used to just afk & FCP waiting for bg to get started. he has a very sticky finger on AD which makes u jerking lagg like a stunt lock. very pro with his SKILL RANGE where he plays very well in a SAFE DISTANCE & STILL ABLE TO KILL U. so when u see him running away from u, he isn't really running away from u. he's actually just repositioning himself with a safe dist to kill u lol. i'm still learning this from him (not to kill ppl, but more to survive & stay alive). xD Jimmy Firecracker: can PP heal almost like a HP? 😲 Symphonia & Lucky Charm: just another 2 AD BITCHES bishes... 😛 thats all for now... *i just wanna apologize if i misspell yr char's name, or accidentally leftout & didn't mention yr name. but i'll reedit again once i recall if any.