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  1. mags

    S>SinX Cards

    Offer IGN: Mags
  2. IGN - Mags Class - SinX Time - Random but usually 3-4 hours a day Discord Tag - nmags08#6599
  3. mags

    Buyying = DC

    how many hwc do you need?
  4. mags

    Christmas Event Quest

    are all of them usable items?
  5. hmm thats really weird. I don't recall ever going near the reset NPC. Anyway it was an RSX. There isn't an option to delete pets unlike homunculis right?
  6. I have done resets a couple of times now. Please consider looking into it as I wouldn't be posting here for no reason.
  7. I was away from the npc at that time, near the convenience shop to be exact. As for my pet, I made sure that I returned it to its egg form before entering the free for all arena.
  8. I had a duel with this mage Madeleine, killed me in one second, then my stat reset. I didn't notice it until I tried to take an item from my storage and it didn't let me because I'm over my weight limit. P.S. I also lost my pet not sure how IGN: Equipz