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  1. Thanks for the opportunity! I'm leaving the game for good because I got banned from crime 8 months ago for selling my account (RMT). I came back a few days ago to start playing again. (farmed my stuff) then got a message that I will be banned. So there I still win tho, I was able to sell, and even played again. No hard feelings, there are too many servers out there. :p Until our next game together: Ray, Meeko, Jadi :) PS: Hey Cruzie, don't be bitter! God Bless you. ciao! 😂
  2. Sinx: Sebby Sniper: Borrum (Hard to kill) , Triple Strafe ( The Bounty Killer ) - this guy does not sleep Paladin: Jadi Tambah Sayang (knows what to do in woe and bg) High Wizard: Eroll Prof: CharIes Xavier , Aeryn Winter Champion: Fingers go pew pew pew White Smith: Grandpa (heavy damager, if this guy teams up with Ray in bg 100% winning rate) Soul Linker: Jadi and IIIIIIIII ( the Lhz campers) Creator: Symphonia , Grime Lord Knight: Pineapple Express & Uriel (unbeatable) High Priest: Franklin Richards (a good leader and strategist), Alena
  3. Thank you for the update :) more power 😊
  4. Thank you, I was random upgrading weapons using my MS. I didn't realize it was TSOD. 🤣
  5. Selling +10 TSOD message/mail me ingame IGN: Pierre/PierreEli *Still busy at work but I always login 😊
  6. IGN: Pierre Name or Nickname: Peter Tell us about your self: I love to play online games Class or classes you want to play: Any class for starter (I'm just new to this server) Are you willing to fill for classes needed: How active are you: 4-6 hours game time Timezone: Central Time