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  1. Most likely. Keep your eyes open for it
  2. Yuji

    Word Game

  3. Can I win all 3 places if I write 3 guides? bouta drop some fresh guides for da newbz
  4. Hey do you take quarters in excess? I got like $40 in a coin purse
  5. Shall I farm like a madlad again...
  6. Was my first time attempting to make a headgear. As you can tell, I'm not much of a spriter.
  7. Thanks for the update. Time to harp on the new hairstyles...
  8. +1, I don't like this secret guild tucked away in the shadows. I need all of them to come at me at once! COME ON, YOU COWARDS!
  9. Lmfao. Bob at it again with the memes
  10. Simple and sweet, but pls kill the stalkers. I recommend using Holy Cross with bonus dmg vs ghost targets against the stalkers as they're ghost element 3. Please kill the stalkers or they'll be the only mob that's left! it's how the respawn system works. So don't skip out on them!! P.S. Incantation Samurai, Hydra, 2 Turtle Generals on a +8~10 Pike (even +4 is ok if you got nothing else), and of course with STR for damage mod
  11. Spoiler: Take advantage while you still can