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  1. What do you call a willow tree without its branches?
  2. Yuji

    WillOwO Tree

    You have got to be kidding me why would you do this...
  3. I would've personally recommended contacting the server admin. He could likely get your problem solved if you just message him privately here on the forums.
  4. Welcome to the server. Be sure to reference our guides section, as it has most information new players might be curious about. For anything else, just feel free to ask a fellow player.
  5. Yuji

    Technikal questions

    If you're critting (I.E, Sharp Shooting / Shadow Strike) then there's no point in using an incantation card. Opt for Turtle General / The Paper / Abysmal Knights.
  6. To some extent, it does trivializes swapping to say, a major outlier of gears - If your default gear setup is "General purpose", and your alternative is "Full Ranged Resist", as Holy above me stated, for BG it would be pretty Memeworthy. It'd be much less notable in PvP, but no one in this thread aside from myself and Buckets even PvPs so their opinions on PvP don't matter. Thankfully it doesn't sound like it'd get added anytime soon due to RO's derpy client, because I personally don't feel like this would help or benefit the server in any way as it currently stands. Especially not the BG situation. -1. +1 to this though.
  7. Yuji

    The BG Zodiac

    I wish we had more people like you on this server Bob. These creative topics are beautiful.
  8. Yuji


    I can't even see signatures.
  9. Yuji

    The GR Zodiac

    As it stands, Bob, we'll have to dedicate an entire section of the forums to your creative boredom. Where do you come up with this stuff?
  10. :( At least my blue cat girl is being added.
  11. This wouldn't change the fact that new players still have no access to MCs outside of multiple (typically older) player's willingness to actually participate in Gold Room parties. We could implement every motivational idea under the sun, but if a new player can't make their own in a server unless he brings along at least 4 ~10 friends or just an entire guild, it's going to stifle the amount and type of people that are willing to even stay on the server post day 1. Please note that: Enchants already made MC the most valued currency on the server. Combine that with the fact that every older player is geared and, generally speaking, currently has no reason to be in GR aside from tossing away zeny to RNGesus which said enchants already covers quite well, it effectively leaves new players SoL. Even with a hat gambling system, it'll only appeal to a niche audience in the first place, and of those people how many of them have the MC to spend on such a thing? Probably none, as they'd not be in GR in the first place, thus no one has any MC, and everything remains standing still. There is more than 7 trillion zeny on the server currently. And newbies have no access to any of it, nor making their own without said individuals posessing this grandeur amount of zeny bothering to lend them a hand. Just let that last bit sink in and you start to realize why we can't hold new players for very long, not to mention the state of the economy as a whole.
  12. Yuji

    Because GR is Dead

    lol, you clearly have too much time on your hands... Take it from me, just hop on and farm treasure boxes on one account while sitting in GR and advertising on another. You'll get it going eventually.
  13. Greymap?! I can't play without my super detailed RO backgrounds.