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  1. Thank you for this! Guys, we're literally the only server that has this! (walks with NPCs) My favourite thing now. Thank youuu!
  2. Heeeyy! Oh, my. What a beautiful specimen.
  3. To answer your question - "What is the reason that makes you inactive in AnomalyRO?" I've gotten older: I graduated from university half a year ago. Unfortunately, I didn't have the leverage of taking a break compared to many young adults. As I grew older, my responsibilities grew bigger towards my family, myself and my boyfriend. Long gone were the days where I could go home to my laptop, and spend time with my online friends for hours and hours. Even when I'm not working, I spend most of the time doing errands for my family. My parents have gotten older: It's a nice reminder to everyone that our parents are getting older, which could mean that their health conditions are getting weaker. If your parents are still fit and active, that's one less worry for you! Unfortunately, my parents aren't so lucky. I'm very grateful for having a great team who understands these reasons, especially Mark who still keeps me in the team ;3; halp im trapped I do hope to get more (serious) replies in this topic, because I'd like to understand more whether the inactivity is seasonal (i.e. exams, weather, events) or are there specific areas that the staff team can work harder on.
  4. Scrub


    Hai! PMing you.
  5. Hello boycold! Welcome to our server~ I hope you'll warm up to our players and server soon! To help you get started, please take some time to read through some helpful links:- Our wiki page - We have FAQs, information about Adventurer's Guild, Gold Room, Contract System, Balancing Changes, Events and many more! Our guides - Created and maintained by our lovely players. If you're not sure where to start, read the pinned ones first :D Custom Client Settings - Definitely worth trying to maximise your experience in-game!
  6. I think our descriptions in-game and Wiki pages are already sufficient. I understand where you're coming from. Unfortunately, it's not within our control whether or not the player takes the time to understand things correctly. Yes, it's frustrating when you meet players like this but miscommunications would still happen even if the descriptions are short and concise, because there are lack of details. Which explains why we tend to make our descriptions in complete sentences. I would say no to this suggestion as you mentioned in your post - it's not a big issue.
  7. Please refer to the first post before posting another suggestion. Thank you!
  8. Prizes will be mailed to you within 1-2 days~ FIRST PLACE: Pyxis SECOND PLACE: Dear Mine As we haven't received consistent submissions for the past few rounds - Topic is closed until we have enough demand!
  9. Uh oh, first warning to you - please do not take my words out of context~ I shall close this thread to avoid unnecessary drama, and as I mentioned in my first reply - Happy holidays!
  10. Hello! Thanks for writing in. For your future reference, the proper procedures for filing a complaint regarding an in-game punishment is to create a Support Ticket or personally message Admin Perry, and he will personally deal with the matter. This was mentioned in the Server Rules. Nevertheless, I shall respond to your direct question towards me. Firstly, I apologise if I wasn't being clear enough during our conversation in-game. I was under the impression that you were familiar with which Server Rule I was referring to, as you actually told me that you knew why I kicked you from BG :o (and you personally said it's because you weren't participating, unless you meant something different?) But as a further clarification, I was referring to the rule below:- In your particular case, it's about refusing to help your own team. Examples include walking around aimlessly in the map, walking back and forth between 2-3 cells for nearly a minute, hiding at blind spots (i.e. flags, pillars, corners), walking straight on towards enemies as means to getting killed and respawned faster, and walking around without doing any means necessary to support the team. Please note that these are common methods that players have used to avoid getting kicked from the AFK timer, and are not directly linked to your punishment. In other words, the community (not just Staff Team) has seen similar cases in the past and are more than familiar to proceed with the appropriate punishment(s). I hope this clarifies. If you'd like to continue with your complaint, you may proceed with creating a Support Ticket or PM our Admin. Thanks!
  11. As we did not receive any entries, I declare that there are no winners for this round :c But, fret not, the next round will be.. SPECIAL THEME: CHRISTMAS! Take a screenshot that is related to the theme. Special Prize: First place: Santa Suit & Christmas's Event Headgear of your choice Second place: Christmas's Event Headgear of your choice You have until 4 January, 23:59 (Server Time) to submit a maximum of 2 entries.
  12. Prizes will be mailed to you within 1-2 days~ FIRST PLACE: Ao As there were only two submissions and I forgot to extend it as per the Event Guidelines, there would only be a first place winner for this round. TOPIC IS OPEN NOW! You have until 21 December, 23:59 (Server Time) to submit a maximum of 2 entries.
  13. Prizes will be mailed to you within 1-2 days~ FIRST PLACE: Rin SECOND PLACE: Eevee TOPIC IS OPEN NOW! You have until 17 November, 23:59 (Server Time) to submit a maximum of 2 entries. I have also edited the Posting Rules to make it clearer.
  14. Topic is closed for voting! Thread will re-open on 4th November 2018, 00:00 (Server Time) for winners announcement and the start of next round.