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  1. Woah woah so useful =O Heyo heyo~
  2. Great update especially the FCP and EBB part =D
  3. Ternz

    Contracts Guide

    For Nightmare Exterminator, here's another option (Option 3):
  4. Whoa nice one Pierre.. A +10 at last! And a TSOD! Gratz!
  5. +1 to this great suggestion
  6. Ternz

    Contracts Guide

    So I did the Metamorphosis quest today but the requirement were different : -30 tough vines (7197) -50 huge leaf (7198) -30 fig leaf (7298)
  7. Oh hey it's TTTWWW... Thanks to you too,since many of us newbie referred your guide as the bread and buttah' xD Yours are by far a more interesting read =D
  8. NIce! A very detailed guide.. Love it 😍
  9. Heyo! 😁 I am known as Red Killer in the server and I decided to write this guide since I managed to reach 50k++ damage in Gold Room without using either the Dex Belt or Water Elemental Converter (since it's a pain to use a scroll every few minute, and Dex Belt is not that cheap bruh). CAUTION! 🚨🚨 Do not read if : 1.You just joined this server about an hour ago (since it will still costs some MC). 2.You want to use Elemental Water Converter, whatever it is. 3.You are freakin' rich. 4.You already deal 100k damage a.k.a 1 hit the gold poring. Ok so here is the build I use to kill Gold Poring in 2 hit (with True Sight + Improve Concentration) : Item Description ( Costs & What We Aim ) Upper Headgear = Red Dying Will ( +9% non-boss physical damage, try to aim higher than 6% ) + ( 2 Vesper ) : 4b for Vesper, 0.5b - ?? for enchant --> +4 Dex & +% Physical Damage. Mid Headgear = Red Butterfly Blessing ( 2 Vesper ) : 4b for Vesper --> +4 Dex. Lower Headgear = +8 Smoking Pipe ( The higher the better,I'd recommend at least +8 ) + ( 2 Vesper ) : 4b for Vesper, 10m for each +1, and x2 for higher success chance --> +8 all stat , +4 Dex. Armor = Shark Leather Armor ( 2 Ktullanux ) : 10b for Armour, 4b for 2 Ktullanux --> +20 Dex, +100% damage to Fire monster. Weapon = +9 Composite Bow ( The higher the better,I'd recommend buying the +10 ) + ( 1 Turtle General, 1 Caramel, 2 The Paper ) : Cards should be farmable,while +10 Composite Bow is 2b --> +80% Damage. Garment = Flame Manteau of Naght Sieger ( 2 Giant Whisper ) : Farmable --> +2% Damage to Fire Monster, +40 ATK, +6 Crit. Footgear = Valkyrie Shoe ( 2 Amon Ra ) : Farmable --> +2 all stat. *MVP Pet which is farmable for additional +5 all stat. Total investment : 4.5b + 4b + 4.2b (200m from refining to +8 which is 80m x2 for higher chance, I just round it up to 200m) +10b + 4b + 2b = 28.7b ONLY! While that is the lowest cost possible, I would expect you guys to go no further than 30b, and that is only 3/10 price of a single Dex Belt! So we sure save a lot of MC's πŸ˜† Also, here is my stat build : Agi - Just random (You can ignore it completely) Vit - Same as above. Int - Nothing, just the remaining points. Dex - Maxed as usual. Str & Luk - I balanced this one, feel free to experiment yourself with higher STR or LUK. Tips : 1. Try enchanting your lower headgear for + Dex for additional damage. If you're lucky you might get +10 Dex!! But even getting 5 is already good enough so don't bother trying too much unless you are willing to give more gold coins. 2. I've seen many Sniper who'd never part with their Falcon. PLEASE remove them while in Gold Room. 3. Use @refresh the instant you finish attacking, it's too great of a command not to be used in Gold Room. 4. You might not need all 6 Vesper. I only use 4. Try equipping 1 Vesper then test the damage. Then add 1 more. Repeat until damage >= 50k. If you also didn't need to use 6 then you save more money! 5. Try using a combination of Minor Dex Belt (roughly 2b) and Bow Thimble instead of using 2x Bow Thimble or 2x Minor Dex Belt. It should give you more damage. My humble thanks to TTTWWW for his/her post : That's it, and I hope this guide will be helpful to you Anomalies!! =D See you ingame! -Red Killer
  10. Hiya guys! Thanks for accepting me. Here's mine. IGN: A lot, there are Black, White, Red, Gold, Silver and Bronze Killer Name or Nickname: Koff Tell us about your self: Played RO since 2007, I love playing games & reading books. Class or classes you want to play: Sniper coz I usually use them. Are you willing to fill for classes needed: Maybe, if the situation allows. How active are you: When I'm active, I'll be crazy active, might even not log out for days. When I leave, it will be long before I'm back. Timezone: GMT +8