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  1. Thank you for the quick and informative reply :D I understand that the server wont be the only income at all and that time is rare these days, so an even bigger thank you for keeping all alive <3 as in massive mob spawn i imagined something like the poring event, basicly a map ( or like ET ) with alot of mobs to kill.. :D I dont really mind about the special farming materials tho, I would be glad with a map like prt_maze and each field would be "full" (in like at least double the amount of existing mobs) but no high-end ( custom mobs) just... a.e. 50 porings in prt_maze field 1 or so ( yea my request seems very odd to some ^^' ) & You wanted to add new Instances? *.* I Hope its not a spoiler yet but oooh I'm curious :D until then I'm gonna find my way through LHZ4 aaand be patient :3 Thank you alot for being such an amazing Admin and thank you for the effort & everything! <3 Stay Healthy
  2. Hello everyone! I love this server alot! But I wonder how much effort it would be (depending on time of course) to create a new/available Map ? I had two thoughts, either one from pre-renewal with.. just a massive amount of mobs ( like the map someone left while spawning amon ra but not killing him....or the amount of mobs at gold room) or a renewal map / or instance? I don't know if thats even possible to add renewal content to the server like the instance Devil's Tower so tbh that would be 3 ideas a new map with massive mob spawn (maybe renewal) an old map with massive mob spawn a new instance ( either renewal or pre-renewal) Edit: Well, yep I know about the Lhz_dun04 which is fucking amazing aswell :D but since i dont bg (still not yet - which is also fking amazing) i can't really damage them :D
  3. Good ! We try it once a day :D
  4. Soooo..... since I'm such a knub and abort a quest in the middle of a past year .....the solution was to equip the Ring of the ancient wise king which indeed already got some dust while chilling in my storage :D A very BIG THANK YOU @Pope for the Information about the ring!!
  5. Hey everyone, I started the Quest several months...ago and right now I can't remember what kind of Pages the Assistant Naomi gave me and what they would be named. (Maybe I have put them in any storage...) So I cant even read them (Might have read them.. but I dont remember ). My main problem is that there's no translation for any of the two tribes... They still talk in random gibbersih & I can't continue the quest. Please help? :D I've finished every quest until Guardian of Yggdrasil Quest for the Nidhoggur's_Nest_Instance