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  1. Good ! We try it once a day :D
  2. Soooo..... since I'm such a knub and abort a quest in the middle of a past year .....the solution was to equip the Ring of the ancient wise king which indeed already got some dust while chilling in my storage :D A very BIG THANK YOU @Pope for the Information about the ring!!
  3. Hey everyone, I started the Quest several months...ago and right now I can't remember what kind of Pages the Assistant Naomi gave me and what they would be named. (Maybe I have put them in any storage...) So I cant even read them (Might have read them.. but I dont remember ). My main problem is that there's no translation for any of the two tribes... They still talk in random gibbersih & I can't continue the quest. Please help? :D I've finished every quest until Guardian of Yggdrasil Quest for the Nidhoggur's_Nest_Instance