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  1. Thankies for the warm welcome everyone. ♥ Really seems like you got an awesome community here, so far. :D Haha why, thank you :D And thats good :P Wouldn't want to be disliked by GM's. It could take a terrible end for me. xD Thankies! Will do so, in case I need help! Already looked through a few of the guides. :P Indeed very helpful :D
  2. Hellu, I'm Nicole aka. Kittieh, almost 31 T_T and from germany :P Just downloaded and started today, so I'm kinda overwhelmed with everything. xD I'm playing RO on and off since like 12 years, or even longer... I don't really remember when I exactly started playing lol Haven't played RO for like 1 year, I think. So I gotta get back into the RO-vibes again q: Currently I'm only playing my Sniper, which is also called Kittieh. I love chatting while playing, so feel free to message me! :3 Anyways, Happy Halloween =P And maybe I see or read ya ingame ♥ q: