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  1. ok ty, i will pm you my discord acc then
  2. In game name: shiny Class that you want to enjoy: WL How active are you: pretty active When did you join the server: 8d ago Discord tag: none??
  3. Refusing to help your own team? Werent you watching me trying to get crystals from the enemy team or capture a base/flag? Is that not a form of acion of helping my team? Also, I don’t understand your reasoning by you telling me that i refuse to help my team. In the first place, you tell me that I “run aimlessly towards the enemy” and suiciding when i was doing objectives at certain modes. The only priblem is that i just get killed fast and because of that you think i am purposely feeding my enemy. I just dont understand your reasoning at all. You want me to assist my team, and if i did you purposely say that i am only feeding my enemy. If i dont assist my team, you tell me that i should assist them. In which case, i did help hem and die instantly and it ended up on you forcing me not to join BG. When i joined BG, you even said “why are you in bg, please leave bg. :D ???
  4. Is joining battlegrounds for newbies not allowed in this server? I was kicked by GM Scrub because I die easily in bg even though I was trying my best to help my team. He says, "( From Scrub ) : During flags, you ran aimlessly towards the enemies = die easily, ( From Scrub ) : die easily = respawn = repeat.” These statements are not true at all for when I was in BG, I was trying my best to capture the flag/base, trying to delay my enemy in TDM from running away (which is not afk). So, are these actions not a form of participation? It doesn’t mean that because I die easily to enemy in bg is that I am feeding my enemy on purpose. Even if I do explain that I am trying to help in bg with my hardest, I only get this feedback: “( From Scrub ) : We can argue this however you want. At the end of the day, it was blatantly clear that it's the common method for players to get EZ tickets.“ Truthfully, I do join for tickets and for my UCA(so I can progress much faster), but that does not mean I am not helping in bg. I want to farm tickets to obtain my UCA and bg tickets, but you want me to not join bg at all because you say I’m breaking a rule? which rule? dying easily? Lastly, what rule did I break by joining bg? Scrub tells me to check server rules before joining bg. Which is here: “( From Scrub ) : So read the Server Rules before joining bg, and clarify with the Staff Team if you have any questions. Thanks!“ However, I did check the server rules and I did not find anything illegal I did upon joining BG. So please don’t kick me from BG or accuse me for pointless reasoning such as “dying easily” and tell me that I am killing my char on purpose. Best thing is that I get this for doing nothing: ( From Scrub ) : Although this is not the same offense, the next time you break any rule, we're not going to give warnings only” On a side note, please check this link gm scrub, "https://www.anomalyro.com/forums/topic/1-server-rules/," please tell me what offense I broke upon joining BG. For dying fast (even though I was helping)??” LOL!! BG = anti newbie? please don't join fellow starters/newbies, because we will get accused of breaking a rule even though there isn't any rule upon that reason. xDD great! !!
  5. ign: shine name: aji time zone: usa job class: sura online times: random discord tag: none about me: i like pvp
  6. @hakyeon and peri its my fault for not knowing that the @autoloot command is by default turned off at login.. out of all the servers i have played, this is the only server that sets autoloot at login to be off. so nvm, idc. @yuji ya i'm looking to pvp in this server, but i figured that mvp cards requirements of sura is too much. since blue potions being disabled are disabled in pvp rooms, suras need atleast 3 kiels and 2 pharaos + the 20% SP saving eq and 4 draculas (for my preference). with the lengthy spawn rate of some mvps, obtaining these cards takes forever to get. however, i'm willing to accept ur kiel card (LOL) if you want to help me progress faster. IGN: Shine
  7. i killed kiel at mvp invasion, but some player looted my kiel card. mvp invasion time was 2:00AM+ 22 Dec 2018. Can i get kiel back? ty
  8. ajiaji

    Christmas Event Quest

    how to get these items? Lucky Candy (570) Lucky Candy Cane (571) Lucky Cookie (572) Special Present (12152) Gift Bundle/Package (12477) Snow Powder (12317)