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  1. Byul

    Duo Partner Thread

    Thank you for starting this! I hope this will get more people joining. Name: Maz Classes: High Priest (the only class that I remember how to play) and Professor (my specialty is dying from reflects) Contact: Discord (Scrub#2904) Availability: Morning server time. Not as frequent as the other posters, but I get on mainly to BG About myself: Hi there! I like cats, cuddles and cuddling with cats. If you're a pet lover, I'm your person! Other than that, I'm more than willing to help you out. Tho I'm not as knowledgable as most veterans, we'll surely have fun dying playing together in BG 😘
  2. I'm glad to hear that! Thank you for the wish, tho I honestly didn't make this for the event. I just procrastinated in making this for too long >.< Thanks for the wish tho I'm not aiming for the event :o Also - Cranials are good, yes! I'm just very lazy to have many switches. The suggested build does have 6 Bascojins for a full Heal switch, and Sanctus Rings are great too to release maximum healing potential >:) Gobines Spaud is better, yes. I completely forgot about it before you brought this up. I'll definitely adjust the post to include this. Thank you!
  3. Good day, Anomalies! This guide hopes to provide a basic understanding of how to be a somewhat decent High Priest, and eventually an asset to your respective team/guild. Disclaimers I play on a full support build. If I do have a chance to try a hybrid build, I might share it here. I am not the best in this class, so this is not the perfect High Priest build/guide. You're free to adjust according to your own preferences and budget. Special mentions to @Novelli @SnowBunny for sharing their tips. They are the senpais! The next section will be lenghty, so please take your time in going through them. Supporting in BG and WoE Final Words You can probably tell that the HP's job is repetitive with the skills. So do take the time to arrange your hotkeys! For example, I arrange mine based on functions. The healing gears would be next to each other, followed by the reflect gears and long-ranged. If you would like to share your thoughts on how to improve this guide, please do so!
  4. Thank you for the comments! I hope that the demand for speed pots will grow :D
  5. Hello, Anomalies! I hope that this guide is helpful for those who can't afford to put as much time into Battlegrounds (BG). If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make this guide better, please let me know! What is a Speed Potion It can be used in PvP, WoE and BG if you're looking for some vroom vroom as you run away/towards enemies. It increases your movement speed by +40 - the highest followed by Wind Walk, Increase Agility, Authoritative Badge and Moonlight Flower card. But it has the shortest duration out of the group. The Conventional Ways The 'Suspicious' Way You might be wondering, "Why is it suspicious? Am I going to get into trouble for this?" NO! It's only because of the NPC name and my bad habit of making puns out of everything. Let's get to it!