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  1. welcome to the server, happy hunting..
  2. thanks sir, this is a big help..
  3. goodbye ck, hello blade, icepick, sandstorm & assassin dagger..
  4. welcome to the server, hope you enjoy playing with us, btw check out the budget builds in the forum, it might help you..
  5. Meeeko14

    State of WoE

    Dude, most of us have lives in the real world, we also have jobs and families to take care of, i cant blame the others if they leave coz all of us will leave the server, its just a matter of time. Some of us stay coz we're having fun (bg, invasion, pk, contracts, gr party) We still wanna do woe, the problem is we're just 5 guild members vs a guild consist of 20+ members. I even convince the new players to do BG instead of selling their Tao's and Kiels coz right now no one's buying it, the problem is they just wanna do MVP's and bounties. So if they dont wanna play in BG same with woe, coz i think woe is just a 1 hour BG with your guildmates. If you wanna see some woe scene, why dont you form a guild and ask some new players to join you, maybe im just wrong in approaching them and didint have the ability to convince them. And im tired of doing woe alone, i did that before in Mystics..
  6. Meeeko14

    Enchanted MC

    @dirtysin what he meant in skipping the enchantment's current value during a reroll is you wont get the same value of enchant when you reroll..
  7. Meeeko14

    Enchanted MC

    Can we fix the headgear enchantment? coz i keep getting the same 3% magic damage to non boss for like 4 times in a row, the reason to re-roll the status of enchants is you didnt like the said enchants and you will get the same enchantment, at least if we have that kind of enchantment and we re-enchant make it different even if its lower than last enchant that we have.. thanks
  8. Sir im doing PK in more than 2 weeks and the drop in Poring King is always Ygg berry and the Jewel Crown, no Glass Bracer, no TSOD, no UCA, no Bloody Branch, no Excalibur. at least make a consolation prize like 1mc, also GR party is not always on, and even if its on, a guy working with 2 shifts like me wont able to join that GR because of that busy schedule, so it will be an alternative for the busy players to gain mc in game.
  9. Suggestion to make the Mixture, Counteragent and the Dyestuffs npc to have a bulk quantity of making it, instead of clicking it a hundred times, or the player can input the specific amount he/she wants. by making in bulk amount, the player must input the item id of the said item to prevent errors or misclicking (just like when we are upgrading in batch refine.)
  10. Sinx: Sebaz (his sonic blow hurts a lot) Sniper: Borrum (tankiest sniper i've ever seen) Paladin: Jadi Tambah Sayang (knows what to do in woe and bg) High Wizard: Lanfear (can handle 5 people, 80% success chance to win in bg if he's one of your team) Champion: Fingers go pew pew pew (the only champ i saw that can utilize most of the champ skills) White Smith: Grandpa (heavy damager, if this guy teams up with Ray in bg 100% winning rate) Soul Linker: Jadi (cause he always camp the lhz mvps, man let them breathe) Creator: Symphonia (i cant kill you in bg) Lord Knight: Pineapple Express & Uriel (unbeatable) High Priest: Franklin Richards (a good leader and strategist)
  11. Hello to everyone, can we make the Unlimited Full Chemical Protection Scroll unsellable like the mc's, im afraid i will accidentally sell 'em whenever im playing specially when im sleepy. please make it possible, thanks =)
  12. Resident Evil and The Last Of Us =)