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  1. Dusle

    Godly Quest Guide

    for the castle drops, do i have to play in WoE to get those items?
  2. Dusle

    Convex mirror

    Can you still use to find/spot MVP even if they are dead? Like, if I use the convex mirror, would the location of the tomb still show in the mini map?
  3. i did not know that elemental swords are dependent on INT 😐, but why is it dependent on INT though?
  4. Just a Basic to Intermediate Build. It's a cheap build that could get you thru doing King Poring Skills: Raid - use /q2 Flying Side kick- From Skill Teacher, to close the range with opponent/ monster then you can use Close Coffin if you want to Preserve- To preserve Flying Side kick and so Plagiarism won't work Chase Walk- For additional STR Full Strip- For stripping hahahaha Reject Sword - 75% chance of reflecting attacks Back Stab- you know, BACK STAB 🤣 Stats: STR - 500 AGI - 90~100 VIT - 300~350 INT - put the remaining stats here DEX - 200~300 HEADGEAR Equips / Cards: You don't need DURATHOR cards here because Raid and Flying side kick are already 0 cast delay Top - any headgear with +4 refine | 2 resist cards or 2 Durathor Mid - any headgear with +4 refine | 2 resist cards Lower - any headgear with +4 refine | 2 resist cards here is a link to a good element resist cards by Insanitarius: https://www.anomalyro.com/forums/topic/374-elemental-resistance-guide/ ARMORS / Cards: +0/+4 Goibne's Armour: +10% HP opt'n A: 2 Dainn Card opt'n B:1 Dainn 1 Angeling opt'n C:1 Dain 1 Evil Druid GARMENT / Cards: +0/+10 Demon Plate Cloak: AGAIN CHECK THE LINK ABOVE FOR THE RESIST CARDS FOR THE GARMENTS Fairly easy to obtain garment, dropped by Dainn. Try to get as many as you can and try to refine it to a +10 to maximize its benefits SHOES / Cards: Variant Shoes: no need to refine the shoes with 2 Gen. Egnignem Card variant shoes are dropped by Beelzebub at abbey03 Vidars Boots: if you still can't attain Variant Shoes SHIELD / Cards: Thorny Buckler: dropped by Knocker at thor_v02. Best to be paired with Bison Horn (accessory) for additional benefits Valk Shield: additional element resist AGAIN CHECK THE LINK ABOVE FOR THE RESIST CARDS FOR THE SHIELDS ACCESSORIES / Cards: Bison Horn: combo with Thorny Buckler Black Cat & Ring of Rogue Combo carded with your choice : Alligator cards: 2% range resist Mantis cards: STR+ 3 you can always opt for a better accessory with the God Quests and work for it WEAPONS / Cards: All weapons are to be refined to +4 or if you're brave enough go higher. Carded with: opt'n A: 2 Turtle General opt'n B: 1 Turtle General 1 Hunter Fly Card opt'n C: 1 Turtle General 1 Incant. Samurai opt'n D: Bloody Blade from Quest, when you got this it doesn't need to have additional Abysmal Knight cards, just use TG or Incant. Samurai cards. Those ELEMENTAL swords / daggers because you can't afford to buy converters 🤣 I think that's it. Let me know in the comments what you think about this build. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! :D i just made it in MS Paint
  6. Scratch that. Cracked the egg again and it was still loyal hahahaha. My bad for ranting immediately and not testing things first.
  7. I went inside the emperium break test room then my pet sprouting went back to being an egg. It made an announcement that pets are not allowed when i was already inside. There should have been a warning while talking to the NPC. Now i have to take care of my pet to rank it all the way up again to being loyal. This is so inconvenient.
  8. Dusle

    spam faster with /q1

    same concept as /q2?
  9. Dusle

    Guess the Card!

    IGN: Dusle Answer: Holden Card
  10. Dusle

    Halloween Event Quests

    If anybody is wondering..all of the said Event monster drop those. Each special item is not specific to a monster 😃 So which ever event monster you wanna kill, you'll get a random event drop.
  11. IGN: Ghanja Description: "The Stars are almost aligned, its time to summon the Dark Lord"
  12. Hi :) If you are fond of doing custom quest, then this thread might help you! This is from my experience here at AnomalyRO :D This is specifically targeting those head gears which has multiple color options with them. I just made this so it would be easier for other players to acquired or gather the items they need. For those guides on custom head gears, here are some links: 1. Official Dyestuff making - Ratemyserver http://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=40000&qid=40006 2. Custom headgear Quest-MangoTree https://www.anomalyro.com/forums/topic/354-custom-quests-a-custom-headgear-quests-guide/ 3. Hidden Quest Headgears- Seraphina https://www.anomalyro.com/forums/topic/378-hidden-quest-headgears/ Now on to the guide itself. Gathering Herbs for custom head gear quests are hard and time consuming Monster: "Goat" Red herb: 5% Blue herb: 10% Green herb: 55% Yellow herb: 25% Location: @warp ein_fild06 , use @jump to jump around the map. The area /map is pretty small so the spawn area for the Goat's are condensed/ packed. And don't forget to use @autoloot In no time, you will be done completing your dyestuff making quests! 😋
  13. A November event to be held in either of those maps i suppose? :) Just to get the Halloween theme going. Like, higher drop rate of those goolish ghost/ dark MVP cards. Or have a random 1 Treasure Box monster drop a certain important item? :) just a thought. thanks!
  14. Dusle

    Hi :D

    eh im no foreigner in some weird marvel characters xD he is one of my favorite hehe