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  1. No one was online. Refreshed, relogged, and someone else tried it. Still no Luck. I even tried it on another character after completely closing the game client.
  2. I as well as a few other players have logged in and couldn't get our guild storage to open for Postal. It says "Guild Storage Opened" but doesn't physically open. We are a social guild and it has worked before.
  3. Hey sorry I don't log into forums much. You can also PM Rosina, Sivart or My co GL Zonra for invites <3
  4. This guild is only for helping new people in Game. Strictly social and open to everyone. If you need help feel Free to PM me on any of my regular IGN characters Emilia, Harmony Wolfbane, Sivart, Rosina. My current Co Leader is Zonra, you can pm her as well. If I am not online Please talk to Untouchables Guild leader Blue Devil Rin, or Dragon Heart and he can send you in my direction. Just an update, this guild and Untouchables have a verbal alliance. If you want to woe, go to Untouchables. If you want Social and help only, come to Postal :) Postal is ranted M for Mature.